Having a Puppy at Home

Well, for those of you who read my blog, you know that I have had a puppy for over two months now. You might be asking yourself, I wonder what it has been like?

034Sunbathing and smiling for a pic:)

It has been AMAZING! He hasn’t been allowed to go outside because he didn’t have all of his shots ( he got his last one yesterday and we FINALLY took him out to play, on the weekend we are going to take him walking at the park- I know he’ll love it!)

100_4469Auntie Maria’s lap os the best!

I have been working on potty training him.. I think he may be finally getting the idea. ABout 75% of the time he does it in the right place, now I need to get into the habit of taking him out to walk in the morning and at night so he can learn to do his necessities outside.

100_4064Behind bars:/

He is a joy to have around, he has so much personality it’s insane. He knows when he has done something wrong, he’ll try to sneak away and pretend no one saw him. He loves to play and chew things because his front teeth are coming in. He LOVES fruit and veggies but he can’t eat too much of it.

100_4077Why do you take so many pictures of me?!

He will follow you every you go. If you are in the kitchen, he will be there. If you are in the den, he will be there, if you are in the bathroom, he’ll be there, in the room, he’ll be there. He will follow you EVERYWHERE! It’s so cute but sometimes I feel bad for him because I will be cleaning the house and he will be walking behind me the whole time, poor thing.


100_4119 - CopiaMerry Christmas!

He LOVES kids, anytime he hears a kid screaming and play8iing he starts getting desperate to  leave the house and find the child to play- it’s adorable!

100_4124I don’t wanna take another picture…

To anyone looking at getting a pug, my recomendation? GET ONE! You will love them to no end and they will love you forever!!


2 comentários sobre “Having a Puppy at Home

  1. jackie disse:

    ahhh so glad you stopped by my blog since I love finding other pug moms! your puggy is sooooo cute. and they are the sweetest dogs ever. our pugs follow us everywhere too haha, so I know the feeling! 🙂

    • brazilmeetsamerica disse:

      I had wanted a pug for ten years, and FINALLY I gott one! My husband wasn’t so sure about having a dog in an aprtment ( since he had never had a dog before) but he liked Bonhoeffer so much that we decided to get a female to give Bonhoeffer company!

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