New Lighting

Well, I have always wanted a chandelier in our home, but things in Brazil are uber expensive so I was thinking that I would have to pay about 2,000 reais for one. Well, one day I was going with my husband to my father-in-law’s chacara when he stopped at Leroy Merlin to pick up a load of ciment, since it was in the early morning and I hadn’t had coffee yet, I went to Leroy to get a cup of coffee, while I was there I saw that they were having an anniversary sale, so I went to take a look at the chandeliers. There was an attendant there so I asked her about a couple of chandeliers, she showed me one and I was interested in one that from 2,000 reais it had a 70% discount so it ended up being only 600 reais- a good price considering it was made entirely of crystal ( it had 700 crystals).

Well, since I was in a hurry I decided to just let it go and we went to the chacara and had lunch and had fun. The next day my father in law called us to tell us that laminated floors were on sale at Leroy, for us to come take a look. We went there and saw that it actually was just a farse because they lowered the price of the floors in themselves and upped the price of all the edge work and charged an installation fee, so it ended up being the same price as normal price *sigh* Brazil and its silly sales that almost never amount to anything.

Since we were there, my husband was interested in seeing the 600 reais chandelier, and I showed it to him and called a salesperson to ask her exactly what the price was. When she went to go look at the piece, it didn’t have a code or anything so I asked them to look again and see if they could find it, a promoter ended up heping me and he was able to find the code from another smalled piece, he found one that was the same brand but a bigger size. I was right beside the promoter so I was able to see the price, 999 reais. I asked him how come it was 999 if the salesperson had told me 2000. He asnwered that the salesperson was probably just trying to impress me, so she told me a higher price in order to say that it was a 70% discount. So I answered, well, if she said she was able to give a 70% discount, then you should be able to get a 70% discount on that piece.. he went and talked with his managers and they said it was fine since the salesperson had told me there was a 70% discount, so I ended up paying only 300 reais for a crystal chandelier! Yay!!!

I tried to take a million pictures to capture the beauty of the chandlier, but to no avail. I think it may have to do with the lighting since now it’s more of a romantic lighting, which is better to receive guests and have dinner- I love it!!
100_4568 The light on..

100_4570Aaaand off. Can we say beautiful? hahahha

Sooo the next thing to do is great of those decorations that every day I find more and more horrid.. soon they will be substituted- YAY!

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