Better Bed, Better Dreams, Better Storage

You’re probably wondering how a better bed can bring better storage.. better dreams, of course, that’s obvious! But better storage? You must think I’m crazy!

Well fear not, I am not crazy, I promise:)

Let me show you what I mean..


100_4205We have a new box spring ( that actually is called a baú ( chest) in Portuguese) and bed!

The bed that I had was from my adolscence, and when I received it, I had already received it used, so it was probably about 15 years old.. every mornin we were waking up with aches and pains so we decided that it was time to change, and SINCE we were changing, we decided to get one with a baú so we could fit more things in it.. and let me tell you… This baú holds more stuff than a wardrobe… that’s for sure!

My goal here at home is to not have a wardrobe, it seems like every apartment here in Brazil has a wardrobe, and I just don’t like it. It seems like the wardrobe takes all personality out of the room and just takes up so much SPACE. So my goal has been to get rid of the old wardrobes that came with the house and were falling to pieces and replace with them with other pieces of furniture. This has proven to be rather difficult to accomplish quickly since when we moved we didn’t really have any furniture and this is our first year of marriage:)

So far we bought some furniture for the office where I was able to store books and paper stuff, we bought the end of the bed chest with a seat thingie ( not sure what to call it, lol) which I stuffed full of blankets and sheets and towels. The problem I was encountering though, was all the junk in this room:

100_4219 100_4220My goal is for this “junk room” to become my walk in closet, which is nonexistent in Brazilian apartments. I’d love to have a room just for me to get ready in and get dressed and have for all of our clothing and other stuff, right now we are working on the first phase of our walk in closet, but I will post more on that later when it’s a little closer to done. For the meantime, I’ll be talking about how I’ve been getting rid of all that junk in the trunk;)

So back to the bed, the pictures that I showed you guys above of the junk room, I just realized were AFTER I took all the boxes out and put in the baú… just to give you guys an idea of how much stuff I had, haha.

100_4213I LOVE our new bed, it’s a lot higher than the other one, but that’s kinda hard to tell in pics. It’s really comfortable and I have been enjoying it a lot , sweet bed, even sweeter dreams!

I haven’t done anything else in the room, but hopefully soon I will at least be able to work on some of the projects I have for it!


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