A Big Person Sofa- Finally!

The end of the year brought a few surprises here at home..

For a long time I had been wanting a new couch, the one we had was from my kitchenette and it was way too small and uncomfortable, I couldn’t wait to get what I call, ” A Big Person Couch” aka a couch where more than two people can sit on, haha

We had some money set aside and we had decided that we would be getting new floors for our house, but since we got Bonhoeffer and he isn’t potty trained yet, we decided to wait until the middle of the year until he is fully trained. So we changed our minds and decided to spend the money elsewhere, one of the things being a new couch.

This was a really hard decision to make since it’s a pricey item and something that will last around 10 years.. so I was a little unsure about what to get. I wanted a corner sofa, but my husband wasn’t going for it, I also wanted a light grey sofa.. but he also wasn’t going for it, haha. So in the end of everything we got an L shaped sofa 2,5 long in dark brown ( later on I will put a white throw blanket and red pillows to lighten things up a bit) 100_4264Much better than this, isn’t it? 🙂


100_4265I still need better throw pillows and I need to add some more white in it, but I’ll get to that soon!

100_4267My living room is by no means finished, but I am so glad to see things slowly evolving over here.. sometimes it seems like it takes forever, but little by little we’ll get things done!




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