Having a Puppy at Home

Well, for those of you who read my blog, you know that I have had a puppy for over two months now. You might be asking yourself, I wonder what it has been like?

034Sunbathing and smiling for a pic:)

It has been AMAZING! He hasn’t been allowed to go outside because he didn’t have all of his shots ( he got his last one yesterday and we FINALLY took him out to play, on the weekend we are going to take him walking at the park- I know he’ll love it!)

100_4469Auntie Maria’s lap os the best!

I have been working on potty training him.. I think he may be finally getting the idea. ABout 75% of the time he does it in the right place, now I need to get into the habit of taking him out to walk in the morning and at night so he can learn to do his necessities outside.

100_4064Behind bars:/

He is a joy to have around, he has so much personality it’s insane. He knows when he has done something wrong, he’ll try to sneak away and pretend no one saw him. He loves to play and chew things because his front teeth are coming in. He LOVES fruit and veggies but he can’t eat too much of it.

100_4077Why do you take so many pictures of me?!

He will follow you every you go. If you are in the kitchen, he will be there. If you are in the den, he will be there, if you are in the bathroom, he’ll be there, in the room, he’ll be there. He will follow you EVERYWHERE! It’s so cute but sometimes I feel bad for him because I will be cleaning the house and he will be walking behind me the whole time, poor thing.


100_4119 - CopiaMerry Christmas!

He LOVES kids, anytime he hears a kid screaming and play8iing he starts getting desperate to  leave the house and find the child to play- it’s adorable!

100_4124I don’t wanna take another picture…

To anyone looking at getting a pug, my recomendation? GET ONE! You will love them to no end and they will love you forever!!


New Lighting

Well, I have always wanted a chandelier in our home, but things in Brazil are uber expensive so I was thinking that I would have to pay about 2,000 reais for one. Well, one day I was going with my husband to my father-in-law’s chacara when he stopped at Leroy Merlin to pick up a load of ciment, since it was in the early morning and I hadn’t had coffee yet, I went to Leroy to get a cup of coffee, while I was there I saw that they were having an anniversary sale, so I went to take a look at the chandeliers. There was an attendant there so I asked her about a couple of chandeliers, she showed me one and I was interested in one that from 2,000 reais it had a 70% discount so it ended up being only 600 reais- a good price considering it was made entirely of crystal ( it had 700 crystals).

Well, since I was in a hurry I decided to just let it go and we went to the chacara and had lunch and had fun. The next day my father in law called us to tell us that laminated floors were on sale at Leroy, for us to come take a look. We went there and saw that it actually was just a farse because they lowered the price of the floors in themselves and upped the price of all the edge work and charged an installation fee, so it ended up being the same price as normal price *sigh* Brazil and its silly sales that almost never amount to anything.

Since we were there, my husband was interested in seeing the 600 reais chandelier, and I showed it to him and called a salesperson to ask her exactly what the price was. When she went to go look at the piece, it didn’t have a code or anything so I asked them to look again and see if they could find it, a promoter ended up heping me and he was able to find the code from another smalled piece, he found one that was the same brand but a bigger size. I was right beside the promoter so I was able to see the price, 999 reais. I asked him how come it was 999 if the salesperson had told me 2000. He asnwered that the salesperson was probably just trying to impress me, so she told me a higher price in order to say that it was a 70% discount. So I answered, well, if she said she was able to give a 70% discount, then you should be able to get a 70% discount on that piece.. he went and talked with his managers and they said it was fine since the salesperson had told me there was a 70% discount, so I ended up paying only 300 reais for a crystal chandelier! Yay!!!

I tried to take a million pictures to capture the beauty of the chandlier, but to no avail. I think it may have to do with the lighting since now it’s more of a romantic lighting, which is better to receive guests and have dinner- I love it!!
100_4568 The light on..

100_4570Aaaand off. Can we say beautiful? hahahha

Sooo the next thing to do is great of those decorations that every day I find more and more horrid.. soon they will be substituted- YAY!

Better Bed, Better Dreams, Better Storage

You’re probably wondering how a better bed can bring better storage.. better dreams, of course, that’s obvious! But better storage? You must think I’m crazy!

Well fear not, I am not crazy, I promise:)

Let me show you what I mean..


100_4205We have a new box spring ( that actually is called a baú ( chest) in Portuguese) and bed!

The bed that I had was from my adolscence, and when I received it, I had already received it used, so it was probably about 15 years old.. every mornin we were waking up with aches and pains so we decided that it was time to change, and SINCE we were changing, we decided to get one with a baú so we could fit more things in it.. and let me tell you… This baú holds more stuff than a wardrobe… that’s for sure!

My goal here at home is to not have a wardrobe, it seems like every apartment here in Brazil has a wardrobe, and I just don’t like it. It seems like the wardrobe takes all personality out of the room and just takes up so much SPACE. So my goal has been to get rid of the old wardrobes that came with the house and were falling to pieces and replace with them with other pieces of furniture. This has proven to be rather difficult to accomplish quickly since when we moved we didn’t really have any furniture and this is our first year of marriage:)

So far we bought some furniture for the office where I was able to store books and paper stuff, we bought the end of the bed chest with a seat thingie ( not sure what to call it, lol) which I stuffed full of blankets and sheets and towels. The problem I was encountering though, was all the junk in this room:

100_4219 100_4220My goal is for this “junk room” to become my walk in closet, which is nonexistent in Brazilian apartments. I’d love to have a room just for me to get ready in and get dressed and have for all of our clothing and other stuff, right now we are working on the first phase of our walk in closet, but I will post more on that later when it’s a little closer to done. For the meantime, I’ll be talking about how I’ve been getting rid of all that junk in the trunk;)

So back to the bed, the pictures that I showed you guys above of the junk room, I just realized were AFTER I took all the boxes out and put in the baú… just to give you guys an idea of how much stuff I had, haha.

100_4213I LOVE our new bed, it’s a lot higher than the other one, but that’s kinda hard to tell in pics. It’s really comfortable and I have been enjoying it a lot , sweet bed, even sweeter dreams!

I haven’t done anything else in the room, but hopefully soon I will at least be able to work on some of the projects I have for it!

A Big Person Sofa- Finally!

The end of the year brought a few surprises here at home..

For a long time I had been wanting a new couch, the one we had was from my kitchenette and it was way too small and uncomfortable, I couldn’t wait to get what I call, ” A Big Person Couch” aka a couch where more than two people can sit on, haha

We had some money set aside and we had decided that we would be getting new floors for our house, but since we got Bonhoeffer and he isn’t potty trained yet, we decided to wait until the middle of the year until he is fully trained. So we changed our minds and decided to spend the money elsewhere, one of the things being a new couch.

This was a really hard decision to make since it’s a pricey item and something that will last around 10 years.. so I was a little unsure about what to get. I wanted a corner sofa, but my husband wasn’t going for it, I also wanted a light grey sofa.. but he also wasn’t going for it, haha. So in the end of everything we got an L shaped sofa 2,5 long in dark brown ( later on I will put a white throw blanket and red pillows to lighten things up a bit) 100_4264Much better than this, isn’t it? 🙂


100_4265I still need better throw pillows and I need to add some more white in it, but I’ll get to that soon!

100_4267My living room is by no means finished, but I am so glad to see things slowly evolving over here.. sometimes it seems like it takes forever, but little by little we’ll get things done!