Christmas Season

This year is our first Christmas season together, living in the same house. (Just to remind you guys, I got married at the cartório on December 7th and married at church on January 5th, and I moved to my house at the beginning of April). Last year I didn’t have a place to live in December ,so my lovely sister in law invited me to live with them for a month ( Thankyou Kelly!) So last year I wasn’t able to do anything for Christmas, but this year I really wanted to.

In September, I found a woman who was selling new Christmas trees for really cheap to help a church out. I know it’s kind of odd to buy a tree in September, but that was when I found it and I only had to pay 40 reais:) Aaaand just to remind you again, here in Brazil they don’t sell live Christmas trees, only artificial ones.

I didn’t have any decorations, nor money to buy some this year, so my mother kindly gave me some! Thanks Mom!


Well, I know it’s really simple, but I am glad to be able to have something that reminds me of Christmas, next year I will try to get some more decorations:) ( RACHEL, if you’re reading this.. please go Christmas ornament shopping for me;) )

Thankfully, Christmas is arriving quickly.. I only have to work this week and next week and then I am free to celebrate this holiday!! Yay! I love vacation and not having a scheduled time for everything, it’s good to sit back and relax for a week or two:) Buuut, as you guys already know, I won’t be relaxing.. I will be painting!! Anybody want to help? hehehehe


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