Ok, I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted here.. but business has been booming and I have been concentrating on working loads and loads, which leaves me zero time for social life, much less internet!

So, I have been super busy working… but not so busy that I didn’t catch a sale on an online Brazilian site! Let me make a very, very long story short.. I bought a nightstand ( that is actually a bar cart, but I prefer it as a nightstand) and a ceiling!! A sale came up on and online site and from 750 reais, I paid 109 on the bar car made from Jatobá wood and the ceiling fan I paid 99 reais instead of 400.. talk about a good deal! Good job Brazil, good job.

Two months ago I bought material to make my curtains, but since I got sick I ended up not messing with them and then I got busy with work, needless to say it took me a while to get around to it.. but I finally did.. My mother and I made them together in exactly 9 hours. Speed sewing, I tell you, speed sewing, haha.

So I present to you, my curtains and nightstand:

100_3942I know, I should have closed the window so you could get a better pic of the material.. but I forgot so for the meantime this is as good as it gets!

100_3941My beautiful nightstand!

Now, I know you must be thinking.. why the heck is one lamp higher than the other one… Well, on one side I have my nightstand and the other side I only have a box.. I had been looking and looking and looking and ended up not finding anything that I liked for my nightstands. Then, when I saw this sale online I just bought one bar cart for the living room… but it ended up being the wrong size for the living room.. Thankfully messing up was a blessing in disguise since I was able to use it in my bedroom. Now I have decided that I am going to hire someone to make a nightstand for the other side of the bed, or I will buy another bar cart . Which do you prefer?

I’ve just now started working in the bedroom because I gave a “break” on the living room until we put down the new flooring and until lwe buy a couch.. then I can go on from there.

I have the chest at the end of the bed full of blankets, but I still need to buy feet for it ( it came without them), so I am going to try and find some the same color as the wood from the nightstand.

Other things that I am planning on doing are:

1. Putting up wallpaper on the side opposite the bed.

2. Hanging up wall art ( I’m thinking a frame gallery all in white)

3. Setting up a desk and chair and mirror for makeup area

4. Fitting the armchair I have in the den in the bedroom when I buy a couch

5. Buy bajillions of throw pillows to put on the bed.

6. Get another nightstand ( lol)

Another idea that I have is to put a piece of wood covering the curtain rod, painting it white and putting crown molding all around it for it to look “built in” , But I am not quite sure how to do that and still be able to remove the curtains to wash them… I need to think some more on that

So yeah, that’s basically what I’ve been up to in that room so far!


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