Meet Bonhoeffer!

I have always had the dream of having a pug as a companion, I have had this dream for 10 years… and finally, on November 8th, my dream came true!!!

Most of you know that I have been looking obsessively for pugs this year, all of my spare time browsing was looking for pugs for sale, or people donating pugs ( almost impossible here in Brazil- NO ONE gives ANYTHING away). Well, finally on the week of the 8th, I put my foot down and my hubby and I decided that we would get a pug, well, I had been waiting for a pug puppy to be born for 6 months ( I know it only takes 2 or 3 months, but the dog had to get preggo first, lol) and the owner let me know that the dog had a “false pregnancy” where she gained weight and had milk , but there actually weren’t any puppies. I was devastated and started my search all over again to find my puppy. Well, I found one from a breeder and she said that the puppies would be born within 3 days and if they weren’t the dog would have to have a c-section, well, I called the owner daily to see if the puppies had been born. On the third day they still hadn’t been born so the owner took the momma to have a c-section, out of 4 puppies, only one survived and she left it at the vet to pay the bill.. Well, once again I was more than devastated, so Alexandre decided to call someone that I had called on Monday who had three puppies, he called on Friday night and he only had one puppy left…So I was completely and utterly overanxious, hoping that the owner wouldn’t sell my puppy until Saturday afternoon, which is when I would be able to go see him.

Saturday afternoon finally arrived, and we went to go see the puppy, the owner had told us that we wouldn’t be able to take him on Saturday because he still needed to go to the vet on Tuesday. We had a little trouble finding the place and when we were beginning to think that the whole thing was a scam, we saw the owners come out with two beautiful pugs! Then my heart stopped beating and everything stilled because I finally saw my puppy:) Once I saw him, I knew two things, first of all he was mine, and second, there was no way on earth emotionally that I could leave him there for the weekend- I needed to take him home that very day, that very moment. The owners were super sweet people who had two pugs and just decided to mate the dogs to sell for a lower price to their friends. Usually pugs have 3, at the most 4 puppies. On the first ultrasound, 2 puppies showed up, on the second ultrasound, 3 puppies showed up ( which would do just right because it was 3 friends), well… when the pug mommy went into labour, SEVEN puppies were born! Can you believe that? Seven puppies! One of the puppies didn’t make it, so he had three extra puppies that he was selling for a lower price. In one week, he sold them all!

Anyhow, when we arrived, there was Bonhoeffer, the littlest puppy of them all, and the cutest one in my opinion, haha. From the very start it was love at first sight.

100_3995I have never seen an animal with so much personality, I don’t think he’s an animal, I think he’s a little 30 cm human being. he has so much personality, he gives so much love- it’s amazing!

1457478_554062504672666_1468178399_nThe author whom he was named after: Dietrich Bonhoeffer.

If we have to give him medicine he starts pouting and pouts for about half an hour, even if we try to cheer him up, he won’t at all. hahahaha, poor thing

bon6Bonhoeffer in daddy’s arms on his first day at home

If Bonhoeffer wants up in our laps he will put his paws up on the sofa and start wining until we lift him up with us, haha

bon5Somebody won’t sleep without their ball;)

Everyday we give him a kind of yogurt called Yakult, all I have to do is show him the bottle and ask him if he wants some and he’ll go racing towards his bowl and fidget until I pour him some, haha

bon4Sitting in some friend’s lap, ask Bonhoeffer if he would like to leave there, haha

Bonhoeffer LOVES eating popsicles, I know it’s not so good to give them to him, but he starts looking bug eyed and staring us down until we give him a lick, lol

bon3Bonhoeffer and mommy:)

He loves playing with daddy because daddy lets him bite his hands and feet and mommy doesn’t , haha But he knows that daddy is good for playing and mommy is good for cuddling!

bon2A new game: Find Bonhoeffer! What a fun game:)

I have never had such a lovable and playful puppy, we are loving having him at home!!

bon1Bedtime cuddles and kisses!

My darling hubby has never had a dog, much less a puppy. At first he thought that he wasn’t going to like having a dog at home, but now he has so much fun playing with him and being with him that he can’t imagine life without Bonhoeffer.

Bonhoeffer certainly is a special pug who lightened up this household even more than it was before. He brought more happiness and love, it’s wonderful!

I mean for real, try not to smile at this!



Ok, I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted here.. but business has been booming and I have been concentrating on working loads and loads, which leaves me zero time for social life, much less internet!

So, I have been super busy working… but not so busy that I didn’t catch a sale on an online Brazilian site! Let me make a very, very long story short.. I bought a nightstand ( that is actually a bar cart, but I prefer it as a nightstand) and a ceiling!! A sale came up on and online site and from 750 reais, I paid 109 on the bar car made from Jatobá wood and the ceiling fan I paid 99 reais instead of 400.. talk about a good deal! Good job Brazil, good job.

Two months ago I bought material to make my curtains, but since I got sick I ended up not messing with them and then I got busy with work, needless to say it took me a while to get around to it.. but I finally did.. My mother and I made them together in exactly 9 hours. Speed sewing, I tell you, speed sewing, haha.

So I present to you, my curtains and nightstand:

100_3942I know, I should have closed the window so you could get a better pic of the material.. but I forgot so for the meantime this is as good as it gets!

100_3941My beautiful nightstand!

Now, I know you must be thinking.. why the heck is one lamp higher than the other one… Well, on one side I have my nightstand and the other side I only have a box.. I had been looking and looking and looking and ended up not finding anything that I liked for my nightstands. Then, when I saw this sale online I just bought one bar cart for the living room… but it ended up being the wrong size for the living room.. Thankfully messing up was a blessing in disguise since I was able to use it in my bedroom. Now I have decided that I am going to hire someone to make a nightstand for the other side of the bed, or I will buy another bar cart . Which do you prefer?

I’ve just now started working in the bedroom because I gave a “break” on the living room until we put down the new flooring and until lwe buy a couch.. then I can go on from there.

I have the chest at the end of the bed full of blankets, but I still need to buy feet for it ( it came without them), so I am going to try and find some the same color as the wood from the nightstand.

Other things that I am planning on doing are:

1. Putting up wallpaper on the side opposite the bed.

2. Hanging up wall art ( I’m thinking a frame gallery all in white)

3. Setting up a desk and chair and mirror for makeup area

4. Fitting the armchair I have in the den in the bedroom when I buy a couch

5. Buy bajillions of throw pillows to put on the bed.

6. Get another nightstand ( lol)

Another idea that I have is to put a piece of wood covering the curtain rod, painting it white and putting crown molding all around it for it to look “built in” , But I am not quite sure how to do that and still be able to remove the curtains to wash them… I need to think some more on that

So yeah, that’s basically what I’ve been up to in that room so far!