Because Who Doesn’t Love Shoes?

Well, if you are a woman and are reading my blog.. then you will understand what I am talking about..if you’re a guy… maybe you should just skip this post, mmmkay? hahaha

Ok, I have learned that Brazil is the best place to buy shoes, Brazilians know what to wear and how to wear them. I find heels in the US boring and practically all the same, of course, I have never been to an expensive shoe store.. so that might be the case!

Anyhow, Thursday I was walking downtown looking for a long dress to wear at a wedding, when I walked into my favorite shoe store just to have a look around.. then I found out that they were having an amazing sale.. if you bought one pair of shoes you would get 50% off, 2 pairs of shoes, 60% off, 3 or more pairs of shoes, 70% off. The difference from buying 2 pairs and 3 pairs was 7 reais…. so OF course I had to buy 3 pairs:)

shoesSo beautiful:)

I bought three different brands one of them is Shutz, which is an amazing brand and pretty high priced here in Londrina, the other is Arezzo, also from the same brand, and the other is the Queen Shoes  brand, which is ALSO from shutz, but it sells under a different name and is just a little bit cheaper. Anyhow, all three pairs with their original prices would have been 836 reais.. I only paid 256 for 3 pairs!!! Talk about a GREAT price for incredible quality shoes!!

I started to think this weekend.. I wonder how many pairs of shoes the average woman has.. I ended up making a list of mine and didn’t have as many as I thought so no worries, haha. I have 1 pair of tennis shoes ( that I NEVER use), 2 pairs of flat sandals, 1 pair of boots, and 14 pairs of heels:) Once I saw this article I realized I was way behind, hahaha

Let’s just say… I love heels. When I was a teenager my mom would buy expensive tennis shoes for my sisters… so I made a deal with her… how much are you going to spend on their shoes? 100 a piece? Then fine, I’ll buy 100 reais of heels and I would end up buying several cheap pairs. Since I was going to gym at the time she made me buy a pair of tennis shoes.. I found a pair for twenty reais.. yes, twenty reais! I wore them a LOT and they actually lasted ( suprising, I know) I only threw them away when my husband found out that I paid 20 reais on them and he made me buy a 350 real adidas pair that I wore less than 10 times. I hate tennis shoes. I prefer heels!

Most of the time that you see me I will be wearing heels, I just don’t wear them when I am teaching at home because I think my neighbors below me would kill me if I walked around in stilettos all day!

Anyhow, that’s my little rundown of once again finding cheap shoes. I believe that buying shoes boosts a woman’s self esteem and makes them watch Camila Coelho videos online and learn how to do awesome makeup:


‘Nuff said.

2 comentários sobre “Because Who Doesn’t Love Shoes?

  1. Tiffany D. (@tiffanytastes) disse:

    I love heels (now) too. And yes, Brazil is the place to get them. However, next time you visit the States, head to DSW — it is the BOMB shoe store, and all my Brazilian family/friends love to shop there when they visit. We are finally catching onto the cute shoes 😉

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