Nine Month Weekend Recap

100_3884Happy Nine months of marriage to my husband and I! And to those who doubted it- I have now been married nine months and no sign of baby yet, so guess what? I didn’t get married pregnant! Just thought I’d clear that up since a couple of people asked me if I was getting married because I was pregnant. NOPE- I got married for LOVE!

Anyhow, this weekend my husband and I were both kinda sick. I have a bladder infection and he got a vaccine, so we both were feeling pretty down. On Saturday I taught in the morning and rested in the afternoon… then in the evening we went to church and then to a friend’s house to have dinner, we ended up going home early and going to bed cause we were both pretty down in the dumps.

Well, Sunday we woke up and he decided to take me to a place called Strassberg- which is a German restaurant about 20 kilometers from our house. That place is freaking spectacular!! It’s awesome to go for breakfast, not for lunch because lunch can be pretty pricey.

100_3888Good Morning coffee, I love thee. Yes, I never lose my coffee cup.


Homemade strawberry jelly, where were you all my life?

It’s a quaint little place inspired with German decor and mostly German food, but breakfast is “normal” We had coffee, 100% grape juice, homemade whole wheat bread with homemade strawberry jelly, homemade white bread with cheese, tomatoes, and basil, homemade whole wheat bread with cheese.

We also had some AMAZING pie, that I forgot to take a pic of because we gobbled it down so quickly. Just picture this, a truffled chocolate pie with homemade whipped cream…drooling already? I know right, spectacular. He had a palm heart and cheese pie since he doesn’t like sweets. He doesn’t know what he is missing out on!


All the incredible food- talk about good stuff!

And since the lighting was good, of course I had to take a picture of my swollen face from sleeping with an iffy smile:)100_3879Good Morning World!

I also decided that it would be great for my hubby to have his own selfie pic, this was his response:

100_3890I told you I would post your answer darling:)

After that we stayed home and VEGETATED. Really, we staye din bed all afternoon just resting, we ended up going to bed early too since I started having to leave home at 7 to go teach a class… so yeah, I need to adjust to my new schedule!

All in all, I had a spectacular weekend even though I just stayed at home:)

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