Millions of Little Things

So what have I been up to lately you might ask?

A little bit of everything!

After installing the crown molding at home I really haven’t done so many things.. it’s been mostly little things.

100_3760Like making decorative books..

Or buying curtain material ( which I have yet to sew- someone PLEASE sew them for me? I hate sewing, lol)

But I do have an eensy weensy little story to tell…

My dearest dalring husband and I went to a store called TokStok to buy some nightstands..

Well, we looked and looked and looked and didn’t find any nightstands we really liked ( ok, I didn’t.. he did, but they weren’t exactly what I was looking for) So we started to walk aimlessly around the store and picking up a few things here and there when we stop by the lamp section.. for those who don’t know us.. we are the Reis family and we are obsessed with lamps! I don’t know if it’s because neither of us grew up with lamps in our house, or if it’s the fact that Alexandre gets tired of bright lights on, or if it’s because we are just too darn lazy to get up and turn off the light ( haha), or maybe it’s a combination of the three! But we are LAMP ADDICTS and once I finish my house I will have them in every room!

SO.. as we were aimlessly looking at expensive junk, I saw a beautiful lamp priced at 224 reais ( a reasonable price for Brazil), well, I noticed that there was a pen mark on the price so I asked my hubby to check the price.. 114 reais- HALF PRICE! SO MINE!!! hehehehe Imagine a really happy Becca because she scored cheap lamps and a really happy Alexandre because he wouldn’t have to pay so expensive, lol. While we were there we also found a lamp for the office, but I still need to go downtown and buy the shade ( Come on Tokstok, 80 reais for a lampshade? No thanks.)

Lamps! With no nightstands! Or curtains! Yay! ( Good grief I need time to sew)

This picture can perfectly describe the saying my husband taught me, ” Quem não tem cão caça com gato” Toughly translated: Peple who don’t have dogs, hunt with cats. I went to a store to buy NIGHTSTANDS, and came out with LAMPS and I don’t even have where to put them yet, so I just put them on top of boxes, hahahaa. Oh goodness, only me.

After living in our house for 6 months I have just no gotten around to our bedroom, and I haven’t even finished the den yet:/ BUT I will explain why.. we are putting down laminated floors at the end of the year and we need to buy a couch soon, so I am kinda pausing on the den until I get the couch in so I can see what vibe the room gets with it. Catch my drift?

So now I am playing around in the bedroom.. except I haven’t really done much. WHY?  You might ask.. well, have you ever tried buying nightstands in Brazil? Yeah, I hadn’t either. They all look the SAME and I can’t find any that look cute or unique.. Tough stuff #firstworldproblems . So either I need to stop being picky/choosy or I need to find some awesome, amazing store that has cute nightstands.

While I am on the subject of my bedroom… Guess what finally left my apartment?

100_3824The wardobe is gone! Hooray!!

I could not wait to get that awful wardrobe out of my room.. now I need to paint the wood molding thing there to at least match the rest of the room until the end of the year. I have a lot of plans of what to put there.. but top secret stuff until it’s done:)

Speaking of unfinished things.. Guess what room got some furniture but isn’t halfway even finished yet?

100_3817Yay! We actually have a room starting to form here!

My husband seems to think the room is ready, but he doesn’t have a woman’s mind. So I shall inform you that I am going to get the armchair recovered, buy a throw pillow that actually matched, put up blinds and curtains, make a picture wall, install a glass board for him to make notes on, buy a floor rug, buy a lampshade, and buy a light fixture- and THEN it will be done:)

Well, there are a couple more things going on at home.. but I will leave them for when they are a little bit more finished:D

I have been thinking recently, when is the moment where you feel like your house is beginning to get the way that you want it? When do you calm down? I feel like I have been living in my house for 6 months and like I have done nothing… I see that there is still so much more to do still and it seems like I haven’t done much:/ So how do you guys pace yourselves? What do you do?

What else have I been doing other than working my head off?

100_3782Getting all gussied up to go to weddings:)

Well, that was just a little recap of life lately! See you guys soon!


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