Fed Up

Have you ever gotten to a point where you are FED UP with everybody? Well, that’s me at this point. I am fed up with people being false, I am fed up with people manipulating the Bible to say what they want but not what God says, I am fed up with people pretending to be God and thinking that they are the owner’s of the universe.

I am fed up with people taking advantage of others ( I see this day in and day out, but not specifically related to me). I am fed up of people overlooking another person’s feelings. I am fed up with people being so ego centered that they can’t take ONE SECOND to look at another person.

I am fed up with this world as it is today, with the actions that people do or don’t do. I am fed up with sicknesses and illnesses and loved ones being taken away painfully.

I am fed up with name calling and people who don’t have the guts to say to YOUR FACE exactly what they think and instead they just post vague things online just hinting at your or the world or whoever they want to talk to.

I am fed up with people making assumptions. So many assumptions. It seems that you can’t be happy if not people will think you are pregnant ( what the heck?!)

Which REMINDS me, I am fed up of people wanting me to get pregnant. HELLOOOOO, My name is Rebecca Lynn Reis, I am 21 years old and I am a PERSON not some female reproductive system that when I get married I automatically get pregnant. What is with the world?? When I was “single” it would be outrageous for me to get pregnant, but now that I’m “married” ( according to the world’s definition of marriage) it’s almost mandatory that I have kids or think about kids or want kids. HEY GUESS WHAT? I dont effin want any kids now. Got the pic?

I’m fed up of people spending money here and there on everything but when it comes time to help someone out they just mumble the phrase, “Oh, I don’t have any money”. Which is kinda hilarious considering they are driving a brand new car. . You can’t give a buck to help someone who doesn’t have food for tomorrow?

What happened to compassion? To values?

What happened to relationships? To friendships? What happened to calling someone to see if they are ok? What happened to going out and seeing how people are?

I know what happened… people discovered THE INTERNET. And facebook! And now that everyone can talk online they forget to actually TALK, they just start discussing vain things among themselves and in the end really so nothing at all.

I feel like relationships have become so shallow nowadays. I feel like people talk and talk and talk and really say nothing at all. I honestly feel like people don’t care about each other anymore, I really don’t think anyone does nowadays because the world has become such a shallow place that communication isn’t necessary anymore.

I know this pretty much sounds all emo-ish, but I promise you-it’s not. Just open your eyes and take a look at the world, for goodness’ sake. And to all of you who will send me private messages asking me if I fought with my husband or with a friend- NO, I did not. I’m just FED UP with the world as it is today! What has this world come to?


2 comentários sobre “Fed Up

  1. GP disse:

    You’re fed up with people because you’re a good person, because you care about them. Most don’t know better, but you do, so you know how it goes, you treat them all as your little brothers and sisters and show them by example where God really is – like you do here in every post you write. By the way, thank you for all the inspiration, because sometimes I happen to feel the same you do, but also, like you, I always try to focus on the positive (I hope I’m not just assuming anything now). So keep up the good work and do not let those annoyances distract you from God.

    Fique bem 🙂


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