Recycling Food

Anyone who has been married for at least 2 years knows exactly what I am talking about: Recycling Food.

Recently I started making lunch every single day of the week ( except for Sunday because that’s usually when we eat at family’s house or my hubby ends up cooking). At first I was having a serious problem with throwing food away.. I was making too much food for two people and didn’t quite know what to do with the leftovers. Well, I think I have finally mastered how to cook for 2 now:)

Last month I spent an absurd amount on my grocery bill, so my husband and I agreed that we would go to an Atacado place and make our monthly purchase of bulk foods and clenaing supplies. We went to Atacadão and Macro here in Londrina.

I have always tried to be smart with my money, but when it comes to food- it’s quite a complicated situation. Last month I sat down and calculated everything that I had spent on food ( inclduing for special occassions like my birthday and the one time we ate out on the weekend and the fact that we were eating at a restaurant 2 or 3 times a week). I was appalled when I realized that last month we had spent 650 reais just on food and cleaning supplies.. for two people. That’s outrageous! So I decided that from now I am will make lunch at home during the week and start to reuse leftovers so I would quit wasting so much food.

Thus, our outing to Atacadão. There I bought bulk food such as rice, beans, flour, sugar, cookies, packaged juices, tomato sauce, etc. After leavnig Atacadão we went to Macro and bought cleaning supplies, clothes detergent, detergent, clothes softerner, amonia, etc. The next morning ( which was a Sunday) we woke up early and went to a market nearby to buy fruits and vegetables and meat. At the bulk food stores we ended up spending 150 reais and at the market, 80 reais. Later during the day we realized that we had forgotten to buy lamps, so another run to the store and we spent 30 reais. Anyhow, after calculating everything that we had spent, plus an outing we had this month for pizza since my student got me Lactaid from the US ( THANKYOU ANDREW!!!!!!!!!!) and I was going insane for cheese pizza, I came up with the total grocery bill for this month ( including another amount that I will spend for fruit and veggies): 360 reais.. yeah, that’s right. I almost cut our grocery bill in half. Can you believe that?

I couldn’t. haha

After arriving home and organizing our fridge, I was looking at this:

101_2963So much gorgeous food!

101_2965Frozen goodies- meat, strawberries, pizza crusts, etc.

Well, as I was staring at the fridge and pantry, I started to realize.. that is actually A LOT of food for two people..This has to last at LEAST two weeks.. and from what I have been doing it definitely will!

I figured that for people who are trying to re use food, I would post this week’s menu just as an idea of what can be done. So let’s go. Oh, by the way.. Beans I make fresh at the beginning of the week and we spend the whole week eating them. Rice I make every day and the little leftovers I keep them and one day I week we eat them instead of fresh rice.

Monday: Beans, Rice, Cassava, Tomato salad, and for meat I saw that my husband had crammed a few steaks that he had cooked into a tupperware, so I cut them up and put them in the frying pan with water so they wouldn’t be dry. Good stuff!

Tuesday: Beans, Rice, Cauliflower with Cassava and chicken sausages, and corn.

Look how preeeeeeeetttyyyyyy…


101_2967Does anyone know how much I love corn? No? Well, it’s right on up there with watermelon and grapes:D

Wednesday: Beans, rice, ground beef, eggs, and cabbage with tomatoes and corn. ( starting to see the pattern here? haha)


Thursday: Beans, Rice, Cut up meat strips, and cauliflower.

Friday: Beans, Rice, Mashed potatoes, and chicken breast cut up with chicken sausage

So yeah, that was this week’s meal plan. I clearly failed at taking pictures of every meal since sometimes I was pressed for time, but I can promise you that they were all delicious;) I don’t make fancy meals during the week because that would take up too much time and end up rising the food bill a good bit, so we save different meals for weekends when we have more time!


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