Pick Up Your Feet and Have a Seat!

Well, I have been itching for a while now to buy an armchair, but decided to use one that I already had . At the moment the material is horribly icky and old, so I have just covered it with a throw blanket. Later on when the moolah is better I will buy a nice material and re upholster it, probably something like this:

Fotos Camera 087I love striped goodness:D I am just not sure if this certain shade of red will match my curtains, I will have to get them hung up to see!

Anyhow, here’s the new look:

101_2877 She may be old, but she suuuureee is prettyyyy in my living room!

I betcha while you were looking at that picture you noticed something else new in my living room.. that’s right! I finally finished my side table! It’s all put together! ( all I need to do now is glue, hehe)

101_2878A closer looooooook, see? Isn’t she refined?:D

101_2880The back view- I love my table vase!

Now, about my table/vase. My mother in law remembered that my husband had bought a vase at a stand on the highway about 5 years ago.. and guess what- he only paid 10 reais for the vase! Can you believe that?! It was in its original form so all I did was clean it and spray paint it white ( hey, I’m getting the hang up spray painting! I could spray paint THE WHOLE WORLD!). I found some artificial flowers downtown and stuffed the vase with old books and then the flowers. At a glass store called Art in Vetro, I had a round piece of glass made. All that’s left for me to do is glue the glass to the vase- but I need to buy that special sticky tape that won’t show up so much!

This project was on the cheap side and I paid for everything using my husband’s coins that he leaves lying around:D

Vase- 10 reais

Flowers- 8 reais

Glass- 20 reais

Total: 38 reais ( but I only spent 28 reais because I already had the vase)

During the next month, I hope to work on a few other projects- let’s just see if everything will work out ok though!

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