Let’s Make Art!

Since I have had too much free time on my hands, due to the fact that I haven’t been able to paint the doors or anything big like that * coughnobywillletmecough*, I have been playing around with different things.

A couple of days ago I saw around the internet toilet paper roll art and decided that it was so easy that I just had to try!

Well, since I don’t use so much toilet paper ( and I over calculated) I asked a couple of friends to save up rolls for me, and save they did!

When I received the rolls I decided it was time to start! I just stopped by an art strore and picked up a 40×40 cm canvas.
101_2702Canvas and toilet paper rolls to start out with 


I had seen some pictures online so I just started playing around with the “Petals” I had cut to try and get a feel of what I wanted. At first, I thought about this design, but when I had trouble painting it, I decided to go with something similiar, haha.

Once I had the design ready, I hot glue gunned the petals together, just a dab of glue on each petal to stick to one another. Then came spray painting time!

Now, I read online that basically nobody else had trouble spray painting their petals… well, I did. It just wasted an insane amount of spray paint because the paint sprays all around the roll, but not really on the roll itself. Once my spray paint ran out ( and very quickly, I might add) I started using wall paint and a paint brush because that is just what I had around.

The only problem I found with painting the toilet paper rolls is because they suck up all the paint, so when I noticed that I started putting the paint on very quickly and it worked out. Later I had to buy white art paint and touch it up in some places where my big brush couldn’t get the corners. In the end, it turned out great!

A friend of mine heard me commenting about how the rolls suck up all the paint and he said.. ” Why didn’t you put glue on i first to seal it?” uuuh, friend, in answer to question… I just didn’t think about that! Next time I do this I for sure will!

( Just a side note: I would have used primer to help “seal” it.. but I have yet to find primer paint or spray paint here in Londrina!)

A close up of my beautiful work of art! See how pretty it is?:D

101_2834[1]And zooooming out a little bit… being pretty on the shelf!

101_2747Zoooming out a little bit more! So cute!

Later on I have plan to make another one for the bedroom, but sicne we are concentrating on working on the living room right now, I decided to leave this one in here!

Soon I shall post a but more about a new piece of furtniture that we got! It needs a little love and care, but that will be in another post!


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