Day 27: A Letter To Your Readers

Day 27 of the May Challenge– A Letter To Your Readers

Dear Readers,

You’ll never guess what I have been up to! Projects, of course!

The only problem is that they aren’t finished.. but soon they will be!

This weekend was a crazy full weekend. On Saturday we had to work in the morning and afternoon, in the afternoon we had to do some things at home and then we ended up sleeping a little bit. At 7 we had to be at church and we left around 11. Since we are short on money, we have stopped going out places with friends. The only problem is that then we lose touch with our friends. It seems strange, ever since we married I can see the division line that there is between single people/couples and married couples. Now that we have our house and are paying bills it seems like we don’t think the same way as single people. We can’t spend our salay on ourselves like we used to.. but it seems like people treat us strangely too. I really wish we had more married friends because sometimes I get downright lonely! I love all the friends we have, but sometimes I end up feeling like the odd one out.. know what I mean?

Anyhow, on Sunday morning we had a friend drop by something he had borrowed and he had Sunday breakfast with us.. then for lunch we had some of Alexandre’s school friends over to have lunch. They stayed the afternoon then we needed to get ready to go to my niece’s baptism. Now.. about that.. My niece is seven month’s old. When I arrived at the church I started to fill sick, My heart started to wrench, I started feeling nauseated.. I just started feeling badly when I stepped into the church. In the church there were 9 preachers.. and about 10 members. Basically, one preacher for each member. Which eas noticeable when they called everyone up to pray ( basically, whoever didn’t go pray, wasn’t into having a life filled with “blessings”). The preachers would say everything except what the Bible teaches. They said that if we thought we would get a new car andbelieved that we would get a new car, that we would get a new car. The “preacher”- if that’s what we can call him- said that he believed that the church would have 500 members, more money, mirrors on the wall, more ornate objects.. and bla bla bla. When they had the offering call, what they said was basically forcing people to give offerings if not God wouldn’t love them. You guys?!?!!?! What the heck? The “preacher” even said biblically things THAT DON’T EXIST! I don’t know how people can listen to all that? I couldn’t stand being there for another minute because every second in that place was making my stomach churn. The only reason that I went was to show love to my family at my niece’s baptism. I, however, don’t believe in baptising babies because baptism is the next steo after salvation to demonstrate that you are having a life and relastionship with Christ. I don’t believe that babies have this conscience yet. So I don’t believe they should be baptised, but that’s a whole other matter.

Needless to say, that was my weekend. I really didn’t do much, especially decoration wise. Just to not leave you guess pictureless, here is apic I took this weekend of my house.. slowly, yet surely… slowly, yet surely…

101_2732 101_2733

Oh, and guess what?!?!?! Tomorrow is finally my birthday!!!!


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