Day 25: Something Someone Told Me

I have a friend, who lives in the same city as I do, but we end up never seeing each other.  I guess for busy schedules that don’t match and different circles of friends.

Well, one time this friend was talking with me and gave me some advice ( advice that only close friends can give you). She told me that I needed to take care if myself beause if I didn’t take of myself, who else would?

Now, this came at a time that I really wasn’t caring for my appearance. I had been lackingin wearing makeup and fixing my hair department. i would put on some makeup and I would partially fix myhair- but I could have been doing much better. That is when I started taking care of myself and using makeup and lipstick all the time and going back to wearing heals 24/7 like I used to as a teenager. People who meet me now say that I am the most vain (appearance-wise) person that they know.. but had they met me 2 or 3 years ago, I am positive that their opinions would differ. Sometimes I would go and teach with messy hair and no makeup without really caring at all. Now I always fix myself up in the morning before going someplace and I don’t ever leave home without makeup. I try to keep myself presentable for my husband, not just wear sloppy looking clothes and pjs.. now, I’m not really going to get into what kind of clothing I wear when my hubby is around, haha We’ll just leave that at that..

Anyhow, I meet so many married people that say that they can’t take care of themselves.. now I don’t do exercise, but I do at least fix my hair and makeup and try to keep my clothes presentavble. Now that we are tight on money I can’t go spending like I did last  year, but thankfully I have just enough clothes to keep me through!

When I started taking care of my appearance my husband ( at the time boyfriend) thought it was an absurd to buy exoensive shampoo and hair creams and makeup.. now he has come to realize that women do really need more products than men and it really does make a difference!!

So, if I could pass on to the girls who read my blog- no matter what phase you are in life- take care of YOURself, never mind what some people say!

2 comentários sobre “Day 25: Something Someone Told Me

  1. Tiffany disse:

    She is a good friend. I needed a friend to remind me ‘that it is OK to sex-it-up once in awhile’ (in regards to how I dress) because I got so comfy in jeans and t-shirts. But I feel better about myself when I LOOK good. I am glad we both have these friends who can remind us to be free to be beautiful.

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