Day 22- My Marriage Rant


Today’s topic is to make a rant about something you hate or something that annoys you, I chose the following title: My Marriage Rant

Now, I’m sure about 85% of the people who clicked this link were curious to find out what I hate about marriage.. let me tell you: Nothing.

So why did you name it your marriage rant?

Well, because I’d like to rant about the following: All the negative things people told us about marriage.

When we were beginning to think about marriage and getting engaged.. about a million people told us that marriage was work and it was tiresome and we were too young and it wouldn’t work out for us, that we needed to have better jobs, better college degress, a better car, etc.

It seems that nowadays people wait until they are about 40 to get married. Well, guess what, I was 20 years ahead of them. A lot of people said, ” Why don’t you just enjoy life? When you’re married you wont be able to” Why the heck would someone say that? I am enjoying marriage beisde the person whom I love most in this world!!

I know that marriage will have it’s difficulties, but hey, what relationship or friendship doesn’t have it’s difficulties?

Have people forgotten what love is? Have people forgotten what it is like to love the person beside you and want to be with them every minute of the day? Don’t they remember how amazing it is to see your partner at the end of the day and stop everything just to receive a hug? Where is the love you guys?

Everyone is only worried about bills and things that they need to own. Now, I know that I am materialistic, I do admit this fault of mine.. but I will never regret getting married early, no matter what anybody says.

I love being able to wake up every morning besude the person I love and go and make breakfast for him just because I know he like it and will make him smile. I don’t mind cleaning up the house when he’s studying because I know it’s necessary for his future.. I just love being able to be in the same house as him! I love how we can laugh and cry together and love each other all the time!

So if any of you is deciding to get married, pay no heed to all the terrible advice out there.. just remember to love and let yourself be loved and you won’t ever regret it!!



5 comentários sobre “Day 22- My Marriage Rant

  1. Amanda disse:

    This is very very true. Coming from a small town in the States, it was crazy to my family that my husband hadn’t proposed within the first year of dating. I mean, we were nowhere near ready to get married. I was 23 when we got married and I think that it is a nice age, but you can’t always say that a certain age is better. I believe some people just aren’t ready until they are 35 or older because they like to play the field.

    I think that what most people truly forget these days is that a marriage is work. I don’t care how well those two people get along, you have to keep working at your marriage or it will fail. People who say that getting married too young is the problem, but its not always the case. Both sets of my grandparents have been married for 50 and 54 years and they were married at 18-20. Sure, that was more common back in the day, but still, they knew that you had to WORK at your relationship. A wedding and a gold ring doesn’t make all your problems go away and it is not a magical tool. Working together is the key.

    Funny enough, we didn’t get a lot of negativity about getting married, but I got a lot of comments on my wedding. We chose not to have a traditional ceremony and only go to the cartorio. I wore a navy blue sheath dress, he wore dress pants and shirt, no tie. I got a lot of flack saying that I would regret not wearing white on my wedding day, and it was my first wedding, didn’t I want to have a huge thing? The answer is no. I don’t regret what we did, and I haven’t looked back wishing I had had a huge party. I think that to each their own, ya know?

    Anyway, long comment, but I loved your post. I think that more people need to remember this when getting married, no matter what age.

    • brazilmeetsamerica disse:

      Hey Amanda! I loved reading your comment, it seems that nowadays people are only worried about age, an dnot about the marriage in itself. People tend to only worry about what they see.. for example, as you quoted, a wedding ceremony. People told you to do it another way, but it wouldn’t be your style so you did just as you pleased- to me that’s awesome! You did what you needed to have your special day!

      • Amanda disse:

        Yea, exactly! I think that some people feel that the wedding is the marriage. And then forget to actually work on the relationship.

  2. Elena disse:

    Não sei como são as coisas nos Estados Unidos, mas muitos brasileiros dizem que é preciso aproveitar a vida antes do casamento porque algumas coisas (como viajar para outros países ou passar as férias numa praia paradisíaca do nordeste) só se tornaram acessíveis a pouco tempo. Na minha família é muito comum ouvir isso do pessoal que tem 40-50 anos, não porque o amor tenha sido colocado de lado, mas porque essas pessoas passaram por várias privações (época da ditadura militar) e quando as oportunidades para perseguir alguns sonhos surgiram, existiam outras prioridades (fornecer uma boa educação aos filhos, por exemplo).

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