We’ve been hung!

Remember how I said that one of my May Goals was to hang up my picture frames? Well, we were finally able to pick them up ( since our friend was traveling!). Needless to say, I was ecstatic!!! I used a method that I saw Young House Love using, taping papers on the wall and just drilling in the middle of the paper.

Papers all hung up and ready to be drilled

Well, as usual, I forgot to take pictures of the during part.. maybe it’s because I hate a messy house? haha Anyhow, the only difficulty that we encountered was drilling the wall since it’s cement blocks and requires a lot of force when drilling. Our house was a complete caos since we did it in shifts on Saturday, we drilled in the morning since we can only drill the walls during commercial hour and we hung up everything ( we still had to put the picture hanger piece on the back of everything) in the afternoon.



Everything waiiiiting to be hung!101_2701 Sorry for the blurry picture, here is the view when you first walk in the door. I love how it gives it a little more of a “finished” look. I do, however, hate the fact that I still only have the blackout curtains up! Ew, ugly haha

101_2697 A view from the window to the other half of the room. I LOVE my mirrow, I can’t stop looking at it and smiling:D101_2698 Family portraits! Here I have pictures of my adorable hubby and I, some pics with friends, and on the right upper side some memorbilia fom our honeymoon. ( a coaster we stole from  outback, the balloon they gave us when they sang “Parabens”  when they found out we were on our honeymoon, and tickets to the Oscar Niemeyer Museum entrance101_2699 I love walking into the den and seeing this every morning101_2700Another lovely view – ignore the hubby’s books,oops

Well, one more thing crossed off the May List, let’s review that- shall we?

1. Hang up my pictures. I have all of my frames for the den.. I just need to hang them up! the problem is that the mirror and one of my larger frames is at a friend’s house and it might be a while before I am able to get them.- DONE

2. Put white lace on my circles in the den. I think they look kind of washed out against the wall, so with some lace my mother has I will fix that quickly-DONE

3. Make and hang up my printed curtains. I finally bought the material and now I rely on my mommy to make/hem them. Siiiince I hate sewing, my mother offered to do this:D- IN PROGRESS

4. Paint my other three doors white ( I painted one white- need to post about it!)- Gosh, I still need to convince someone to help me! Any takers? haha

I also have some other projects I took on, soon I shall be sharing them on my blog!

Oh, and speaking of good news.. my birthday is in only 7 more days! Yippeee!!


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