Day 19: Five of Your Favorite Blogs

I am not quite sure that I have 5 blogs that are my favorite.. at the moment I am really into house blogs and anything house related. It’s so addicting!

My favorite blog of all is my sister’s blog, Rachel from The Flustered Baker . Because, logically, she is my sister and I LOVE reading her blog! I just wish she would post more often!!

I also love Young House Love . I have read every single article that Sherry and John have written. All 840 pages of it, haha. I love all their creativity and the fact that they started off as a normal couple just updating ther first house- like me! I however, will never be able to do everything that they did, but I do love reading about all their awesome ideas!

For style and hairstyles, I love reading The Small Things Blog . I love how Kate makes awesome tutorials. I haven’t had much success at doing the tutorials though… but that’s not her fault- it’s just because I have absolutely NO coordination at all!!

For laughs and snorts, sometimes I go over to Don’t Quote The Raven. Her writing style is fun and I like reading her posts.

I also enjoy reading Amand’s posts from Not Your Dirty Underwear. Sheposts about fashion and every day life and her beautiful dog. I love her happy spirit! Oh, and about the name, I once asked her how she came up with that name and she said she didn’t know, it just came into her mind, hahahaha

So yeah, other than these sometimes I read blogs about Americans in Brazil like Rachel’s Rantings, Born Again Brazilian, and Bossa Breezes. That pretty much sums it up!


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