Day 18: Tell a Story from Your Childhoood

Warning: Anyone who has ever offered me brussel sprouts has already heard this story!

My  mother used to have that awful habit of forcing kids to eat everything that was on their plate- whether they liked it or not. Although at the time it seemed the best way I personally do believe that there are better ways to get your child to eat.. for example, making sure he likes the food, isn’t allergic to the food, and how many times the child prefers eating a day since some children prefer 3 meals and other children just graze through the day ( which was always my case)

When I was about 6 years old, my mother made dinner and sat us all down to eat. Usually dinner was a happy family time, sadly, that day would scar me forever. For as I looked upon my plate I saw the evil looking brussel sprouts. My mother knew I despised brussel sprouts and had put about 3 or 4 on my plate anyhow claiming it “good for me”. I can’t stand brussel sprouts.. just havbing to look at that plate.. with that awful , pungent smell- oh the horror! I managed to eat everything else that was on my plate.. but I couldn’t even bring myself to take a teeny weenie bite of the brussel sprouts because I knew how awful they would taste.

By this time everyone had finished eating and my mother told me that I couldn’t leave the table until I finished EVERYTHING that was on my plate.. in this case, the horrid brussel sprouts. Well, I sat there.. and sat there.. and sat there.. for an entire TWO hours until I finally managed to get together some courage and I swallowed all three brussel sprouts WHOLE. Basically, I gulped them down with tons of water.

I was FREE!!!! Yay! Hooray! No more sitting at the table! I jumped up for joy and raced away from the dungeon of the table! Only a few moments had passed when I started  to feel sick and then suddenly I THREW UP the whole brussel sprouts..

To my dismay I thought that I would have to eat them again, but my mother finally took pity on me amd just let me go, haha. Needless to say, she never made me eat brussel sprouts again. Until this day I stil can’t eat brussel sprouts and I can’t stand the site of them or being anywhere near them!

I swear that if someday I have a child, I will never force it to eat anything.. even meat- because it is my firm belief that children are not born craving meat… so only if my child asks for it.. then I will her/him meat!

And for those of you with smal lchildren out there.. for pete’s sake.. don’t force them to eat their brussel sprouts!



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