Day 17: My Favorite Photo


I have many many favorite pictures, I couldn’t decide on just one.. So I decided to show you a few of my favorite pictures and why!

1. Among Cookies and Cupakes

D-0043This was taken after the wedding ceremony and before e had the chance to eat. There were people photographers and inumerous people around us. We were supposed to pose for this picture, but the look in our eyes was real, a look of forever love and happiness!

2. That Unbelievable Moment


Hooray! We’re married- finally!

3. Happy Birthday,  Darling

PQAAAL4oOlhrREQz1MWQfS0f1Bij0Zf3-KRb2JRMk41MBmrLz4Z5mouioJKqRL49Xx0X_2425ZgDt0pwQvgSeUF1VpAAm1T1UOPwfLJh0mSkd_N2JxncsPHiWdoMWe had been dating for 2 months when I decided that I wanted to throw a surprise birthday party for him with all of his friends… he wasn’t expecting anything so he was REALLY surprised when he arrived!

4. Happy Valentine’s Day

101_0395I don’t remember who took this picture, what was happening at the moment.. all that I remember was that I was really, really happy to be then and there with him ❤

5. The Real Us

101_0787I believe this picture could best describe us… He was takinga picture on his cell phone and I was being crazy. His face can be described as.. I think you are insane, but I love you anyhow!


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