Day 16: What’s Difificult About Your Lot in Life

( I thought and thought about what the author wanted in the post but complaining about things isn’t my style- unless it’s about crying that I don’t have a pug, lol- so I’ve decided to do this post Becca Style…:)

What’s so difficult about my lot in life?

FOOD, so much FOOD!

Have youi ever stopped to think how much your life revolves around food? I mean, really. Stop and think about it for all of 30 seconds and you will come to the same conclusion as I did.

Our lives REVOLVE around food..

One of the easiest ways to talk with someone is to say.. well, we should make *insert food* this sometime, how about Sunday? That for SURE will spark the person’s interest and make them come drooling to your home, haha


Pasta with vino and…surprise, beans!

Sometimes the food can be really simple, like offering to make a cake for someone’s birthday.. but it’s something that brings everyone together

101_2677Strogonophe, Rice, Biscuits, Potatoes, and Rhutebegas

There were many times when I invited someone over to have some kind of food they were begging me for and we ended up having some much needed conversation and giving of advice.



Salad and Rice at a barbecue- I usually don’t eat much meat

There were many times that I went to barbecues and didn’t eat meat because I was a vegetarian, but I would go anyhow just because I loved being with people and spending time with them. Communion is the most important thing.101_1715

Lactose Free Brigadeiros101_1704

Happy Birthday Babes at a Churrascaria ( yeah, that’s me tickling him in the photo so he will give a REAL smile haha)

101_0761He will kill me for posting this- but Shwarmas at Yalla Yalla, haha

Even though I’ve been a vegetarian, vegan, and many times on a diet.. I still continue thinking and believing that food is what brings people together;)


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