Day 15: A Day In The Life

(Disclaimer: I had zero photos to do this task and nobody to twake photos for me.. so it’s kind photoless, ok? Sorry!)

6:20 My day usually starts early I wake up, take a shower, dry my hair, and make breakfast. I wake up my hubby at 7 to this:



7:00-7:40 While my lovey is getting ready I walk around the house doing a generel “pick up” from the night before. If there’s one thing that I hate is coming home to a messy house, so I always leave it picked up when I leave in the morning I’m not going to say it’s necessarily clean, since I don’t actually vaccum, sweep, or mop in the morning… just organized! I also make up the bed every.single.morning because although it’s not my favorite chore, it’s somethine that only takes 3 minutes and makes the house feel more organized.Let’s just say.. I love an organized house.
05-14-20137:45/8:00-11:30 I usually arrive at work around this time, depending on if I have the early 7 45 class or not. I spend my morning teaching and working on the computer. If I have spare time, this is usually when I blog.


11:30-12:30 Today I’m having lunch a little earlier than usual since I have an earlier class. Lunch time is awesome because I get to sit beside my hubby and chat a bit. Not to mention the food is spectacular!

12:30-4:00I teach a class and then get ready to go downtown for a bit- I have some running around to do!

4:00-6:00 I teach my last class for the day since today is Tuesday and I have a church meeting then Bible Study

6:30 I arrive for the church meeting and we discuss what the plans are for the Valentine’s Day Banquet

valentinesPic from Last Year’s Valentine’s Day banquet

7:30 Snack Time, fun time to play catch up on chit chat

7:30-9:30 Since the meeting got done early, I go to another Bible study that is near by

10:30 -12:00 Every Tuesday night I have a Bible study at my pastor’s house. It’s a great time spent hearing the Gospel and laer a bit of communion with some members of the church family

12:30 I arrive home and do get ready for bed tasks

1:00 Night Night- Tomorrow’s a busy day!


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