Lookie What I Found…

Mirrors! And on sale! Yippee!

101_2640Yay! Shiny, pretty mirrors!

I found these mirrors at a place that makes picture frames- they were super cheap! Three mirros for only 8 reais! (4 dollars) Needless to say, I was more than excited about this! Since I’m a red lunatic and wanted to hang these in my kitchen, I decided to spray paint them RED:D

101_2642I made sure to cover them well so I wouldn’t get paint on the mirror

101_2643Spray painted beauts!

101_2664My lovelies hanging up on the wall!

Now I have at least one thing hung up my kitchen walls, later on I want to make some kind of art to match with the ongoing red theme and stand out a little bit. The walls are too bare, in my opinion. I just need to find some kind of sight to make something or cook something up to make. Any ideas, anyone?


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