Day 12: What Do You Miss?

I believe that it’s pretty obvious by now, but the one thing that  I miss the most is having contact with my family. Do you know what it’s like growing up not being in touch with your grandparents, aunts, uncles, or cousins? I have no contact whatsoever with my family.. I never really have.. now that I know my husband’s family I have wanted more and more to get in touch with my family.. but living in Brazil it’s kind of hard because we end up being forgotten.. it’s strange when you don’t have personal contact with someone.. you end up not knowing anything about the other person’s life and then not having anything to talk about.. so yeah.

What I felt most was at my wedding and there was NO ONE from my side of the family except for one sister and my parent’s .. I really felt it then:/

grandMiss you guys!

Sigh, now I miss everyone all over again:/


2 comentários sobre “Day 12: What Do You Miss?

  1. Amanda Fromhagen disse:

    I read your blog everyday 🙂 so don’t feel alone! I wish I could come down and see you sometime! Your family hasn’t forgotten about you 🙂

    Your awesome cousin Amanda, who is also getting married in January and is so happy for you and your husband and loves reading about your life and looking at your pictures

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