Day 11: Sell Myself in Ten Words or Less

“Insane, Independent, Impatient, Loving, Dependable, Punctual, Woman”

That is how I would describe myself. Why?

Insane-   I think that I may have been born without a few screws. I mean, who else would take pictures like this?

101_1733Independent- I started working when I was 15, who does that? I like to go and do things, I don’t lik waiting on other people because they usually never end up doing what they said they would do.. so I prefer to do it by myself!

n696037014_1876763_695316 year old me.. Yes I was hot. No, I have no idea what happened…

Impatient- Again, I don’t like waiting on others.  I don’t like waiting in line. I don’t like waiting at all.. I like things as fast as possible in a quick pace. That’s my style

n696037014_1800573_6273Impatient even when I was 15

Loving- I love to love, I love being love. I love love! ( Speaking of love, Brazilian Valentine’s Day is coming up!! muahahaha)

kissLove you Darling!

Dependable- If you ask me to do something… I will. Unless it’s impossible or wrong, haha


Punctual- I am ALWAYS on time. Except for once or twice I was 5 minutes late for my 7 30 morning class- Sorry Jack! haha. I like being at least 15 minutes early whenever I go someplace. I hate arriving right when it’s starting.. I only do that if I already had something scheduled!



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