Day 10: My Most Embarrassing Moment

When I was living in the United States, I was studying at a Private Christian School and we were forced to wear horrid uniforms that make any teenager curl their faces in disgust. Every once in a while we would have the opportunity to wear non horrid clothing ( but still in “Christian clothing standards” – now, why they call it “Christian” I have no idea.. because I really don’t think Christ cares what clothes I wear…).

Well, one day nearing winter time, it was some kind of special event with the school choir.. I showed up wearing my most favorite skirt ever:


Cópia de Imagem 081

Which after leaving the Christian school, I ripped off about a foot of the hem thus making it shorter- much to my mother’s dismay

Anyhow, since it was winter I couldn’t wear JUST a skirt- I would have much rather been wearing pants- believe me. So I put on some wretched panty hose that are a pain to put on.. especially when just stepping out of the shower! Well, so far so good. I went to school, participated in some activities.. then I needed to use the lavabo.. well, I excuse myself and went and upon returning a teacher called me aside and said,

” Fix your skirt! Quick! Your hem is stuck in your panty hose!”

Ohhhhh wretched, wretched moment.. how mortifying! How terrible! In all trutch.. I had somehow managed to catch the hem of my skirt into the back of my panty hose- thereby fully exposing my derrerie!

Now, I have NO idea if anyone say my lovely bottom.. other than the teacher of coure.. but I did walk halfway across the school since the bathroom wasn’t near the classroom…

I had never felt so embarrassed in my life. I believe that after that.. the only time I woe panty hose was in the dead of winter with pants on… never again with skirts!!

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