Day 8: A Piece of Advice

What piece of advice could I give to you guys? Not much considering I’m 20-JUST kidding.

Just because I’m only 20 years old ( for 20 more days) does NOT mean that I don’t have any experience. If I dare to say so, I must say that I have much more experience than some 25 year olds out there.. You win some you lose some, because sometimes I feel and LOOK much older than I am.

So what advice should I give to you?

At this moment I can think of one:



If someone’s mad at you.. laugh it off.

If your hubby’s in a mood, laugh it off until he’s in a better mood.

If you have no money, laugh ( better then cryingm eh?)

If you burned a cake- laugh

If anything bad happens- Laugh

If anything good happens- Laugh

If anything happens- Laugh


Laughing is so much better than being mad or crying.. believe me- I know!



“Peace begins with a smile..”


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