Day 7: The Thing You Are Most Afraid Of

Well, I can’t reeeaaaaaally tell the whole blogging world the thing that I am MOST afraid of- it’s too private! So I shall share for you other things that I am afraid of:D

1. I am afraid of deep water. When I was 4 years old I almost drowned and I can remember it until this day. I learned how to swim when I was 8 but kind of forgot now, haha. I don’t like water. Or boats so much for that matter.

2. The Dark. Yes, I know this is ridiculous, but I don’t like the dark. I am terrified of not knowing what is ocming at me in the dark.

3. Heights. Think, man made heights( like buildings) . I think that something man made and that tall, isn’t safe at all. If it’s a mountain or something I feel more secure… but a skyscraper? No way.

4. Roller Coasters. Again, man made. Fast, Heights, and definitely not safe! I went ONCE in all my life because my parents egged me into doing it saying that I would love it… NEVER AGAIN. I was terrified.

5. Never Going Back 5o the US. Sometimes i end up thinking that I will never go back to the US.. and that makes me brokenhearted:/ It’s just so expensive though…I will always have to choose.. finishing my house, changing cars or traveling to the US. It’s complicated:/ I wish I could just win tickets and then I could go and stay a month and see all of my family!!

Ok, there are more things that I am afraid of.. but I think I’ll stop at five so you guys don’t think I’m so much of a scaredy cat! ( if you don’t already think that, I mean!)


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