Day 6: What Do You Do?

Well, as most of you know, I am an English teacher here in Londrina, Brazil.

I have been an English teacher for 6 years already and I love it. It’s awesome to be able to share with someone what you know. It only becomes a little frustrating when the person has no will to study.. to learn a foreign language it’s essencial to love it and live it and breathe it.. then, for sure, you will learn how to speak it quickly!

jackJaqueline, my English student at a church tea.

I started teaching when I was 15 years old at a crummy school called CDI. It’s actually kind of funny because I was doing a computer course there and I went to cancel the course since I knew more than the poor teacher. Anyhow, when I went to cancel the course, they asked me if I wanted to teach English there since their teacher had left, I accepted. I worked a few months there until I was offered a full time job at Wizard. I thought it would be awesome to work full time, so I accepted.. I worked there for three days and they kept asking me if I was able to leave CDI. When I had said that I left.. they said they didn’t need me anymore.. So basically, they just wanted me there for me leave the other place and screw me over.

549992_10150605982047015_617605117_nEnglish students at FAAT, a college I teach at on weekends.

Well, that’s when the ball started rolling.. I decided that I would work with private lessons, and with private lessons I did work:) I first I charged REALLY cheap for me to get some experience. During that time I was offered to work as a secretary at a clinic.. I accepted and worked there for 6 months but it didn’t work out.. and that’s when I learned how cruel some people in the medical area can be. I saw many doctors mistreating patientes and not really caring for the person.. or even their disease.. and I couldn’t believe it! I know that not all doctors are this way ( I know this since I have an amazing doctor whom I love to disagree with but love her anyhow, who takes very good care of me! BTW, for locals, her name is Dr. Daisy and she is an infectologist but I go to her for everything! She is the one who found out about my lactose intolerance.. something no other doctor had cared to discover! ), but where I worked they were.. and many other places that I had been to also.

Well, when I left the clinic I started thinking.. if English classes always are going so great.. why don’t I open a school? So I opened a tiny tiny school where I gave classes with a super accessible price. For a year or so I worked just with my classes, and then tried my hand at teaching at an English school called FISK. Well, it sucked. 90% of the teachers there didn’t have very fluent ENglish.. and if they did, they had a TERRIBLE accent.. Even the owner of the school had bad grammar and since I’m an ENglish teacher, I would automatically correct him without thinking ( oops). Needless to say, I only stayed there for 6 months and went back to just teaching private classes, which is what I continue to do until this day.

I have an office in downtown Londrina, and I work mostly with managers and business people. They seem to have the most drive for learning English because it is something that they need and desire- the best kind of student! Those of you who are English teachers, you know that the best students are the ones who love the language and like to learn. Thankfully, all of my students are this way!! They pay attention and like to learn new things and strive to learn and speak the language.

So, summing it up in under 700 words, haha. What do I do? I help people learn English!



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