Day 5: Profess Your Love

As part of the post every day in May Challenge, today’s challenge was profess your love for a friend or family member. Well, as a family member I chose my sister Rachel from The Flustered Baker

Well, I think Rachel could be described in one picture… ( They say a picture is worth a thousand words)

rachSlightly crazy and a tad insane.

Growing up we were never too close due to a rift of having 3 sisters and somehow we felt the need to side with someone, when we became teenagers, however, we started getting closer and would go out places and have fun.

Since both of us grew up in a missionary home, we did everything we could to keep sane. She didn’t tattle on me when I would stay up THE ENTIRE night on the internet just so I could catch some American friends online, or when I would use my parent’s skype to call friends from the US. We would both blog and look at things on the net together. To avoid being all the time with my parents we would ALWAYS have a movie night in her bedroom ( Literally, almost every single night). As teenagers we grew to love one another for who we were. And really, it was amazing!

rach2In the United States, fighting boredom from visiting yet another church where we didn’t know anybody.

I guess since I called her crazy, I should fess up that I was a little insane too..

rach3We were supposed to be cleaning, yeah, wasn’t happening!

rach4When we did our SATs in Curitiba, we stooped by the Botanical Gardens

rach5We always were half out of our minds..

Now, I must almost mention this ( since she will probably kill me if I don’t) when she went to college, she completely changed from her awkward teenage years and turned into a beautiful young lady..


But she still continues being crazy!



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