What a Busy Weekend to Come!

Woah! I have been running around like crazy these past few days. There is a conference going on at church where a preacher named Ariovaldo Ramos is going to preach. During the daytime is mostly focused on leaders and leadership, but at night it’s open to the public.

This is the first time ever that I am having out of time guests at MY house. At my mother’shouse we would haveguests all the time.. and this time it’s people we don’t know, lol. This shall be an awesome experience. I have spent all of Friday morning cleaning my house and making bread and cake to welcome the guests and Friday afternoon I went to Pernambucanas ( a store here) where I had a gift card to spend. When I got there I saw that all of Pernambucanas was on sale because of MOther’s Day so I ended up getting a lot on my gift card! I got a hall runner, 2 kitchen mats ( red, of course!), one pillow stuffing, one decorative pillor case, and 2 bedside rugs! I don’t have my camera right now, so later I shall post pics!

I am running on pure adrenaline right now- I got a huge surge of energy this afternoon! I’ll probably grab a redbull this afternoon so I won’t fall to sleep during the first night of the conference!

Other than teaching and cleaning and fixing up my house.. that is all I have done! See you guys later!

butterflyBaby Becca 5 years ago, holding a rare butterfly at Iguaçu Falls



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