Day Two: Something I know A Lot About

Day Two Challenge actually made me laugh, I’m supposed to educate you on something that I know a lot about..

Well, apparently one thing that I know a lot about is the Brazilian Finger Snap, haha But I guess this doesn’t come to the case.

What else could be considered something that I know a lot about? How about my mean cooking skills?


Brocolli and Cauliflower Casserole

I guess, if there is one thing that I know a lot about.. it is Love. Love people for who THEY are. Love your husband, Love your family, Love your friends.. Love everyone, even the people who you don’t like.

Love like the One who loved Us more than anyone Else.. Jesus Christ.. who came to earth and gave up his life so that we might live. Live every day with his Love..

Now, I know that love isn’t an easy thing. Sometimes when your husband may “forget” to wash the dishes and put a towel away, ( or much, much bigger things) you can get frustrated.. but love the person for who they are. Did you forget? That’s fine, I’ll do it. I love you. That’s it. Try to always think about the other person first.

Love your fellow coworkers.. now I’m not talking about going all smoochy on them or anything of the sort. Just love them for who they are, no matter if they do things that you like or don’t like.

Love people in line. Sometimes you can be tired and some old woman will start chatting you up.. show her some love- be interested in what she has to say! Sometimes we get so caught up in ourselves that we don’t even care about who’s around us.

Love your family, even if you don’t agree with everything, love and support them whenever you can!

Love your pets, if you have a pet, please please love it. Just give it love and it will be healthy, I promise. One time a friend of mine bught a dog and they asked the vet what they needed to do to have a good dog.. The vet answered: Love the hell out of the dog during the first year. And that’s what they did. They have the most faithful and loveable dog ever.

Love what you do. Love your work. Love your hobbies. In all honesty, love everything!

Now, this may sound like a corny post.. but love is what makes the world go round!

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