Let’s Call it Clean

Well, I have been dreaming for some time now about an all white hallway with an all white wall picture gallery. I have the paint on hand.. the only thing that I need to do is convince my husband that it is REALLY important that we paint the doorways.. and soon!

So, on a Friday that he wasn’t home, I went ahead and started without him..

This is our hallway.. the doors are old and we tried to put putty in them to even things out.. didn’t work so well, so now we have to trade out two of the four doors. Unless anyone has any tips of hpw to restore the doors, tips? anyone?

101_2507This picture is really dark because the lighting is bad and I didn’t use flash!

Before painting, I lightly sanded the door with sand paper.. I probably could have left it without sanding though because I’m pretty sure it would be very much the same thing.

For the first coat of paint, I used white latex paint.. that way it would “seal” the door.

101_2585Here’s the second coat of paint where I started using high gloos white oil based paint for wood.101_2588
 And I didn’t forget to tape my handles!


Here is the end result: Sorry it’s a blurry picture, “Ill take better pictures tonight and post them… haha101_2592I love the end resul, it’s so fresh and clean. I can’t wait until all four doors are painted white! If just one makes a huge difference imagine all of them!


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