Day One: The Story of My Life

(Day One of the May Blogger Challenge)

Well, as most of you already know, I am a missionary kid- Thus the name Brazil Meets America.

I was born in São Paulo, Brazil and without even being a month old, flew to the United States. I was a cute redhead at the time.baby1

Don’t worry- my hair grew in ok!


As I grew up, we would move from city to state with my parents planting churches. In other words, we stopped nowhere and I was homeschooled my whole life ( minus one year where I went to a small Christian school).


My life was pretty monotonous until I reached the age of 15. I did what my parents told me to do and followed their every order.. then I realized that just because my parents thought something didn’t mean that I needed to think it too. Which is when I started getting “rebellious” and wearing makeup and black clothings and painting my nails black. Around this time other missionary” friends” started warning their children not to hang out with me because “I was a bad influence” .This is when I learned, Be True to Who You Are. I stopped caring if people were going to like me or not and started doing my own thing. This is when I started to live and breathe and do my own thing.

girlsHere I am at fifteen. Long hair to boot!

I graduated early from high school, around the age of fifteen/turning sixteen. I came to a point where I just wanted to be done with school and go to the United States soon. I enrolled in a college in the United States and was started to look for housing options and tickets to go back when I woke up one morning and just decided…. I want to stay in Brazil.

Now, only God knows why that came to my mind, He must have put it there, but I decided that the best thing would be to stay in Brazil. So stay in Brazil I did! I was already teaching English, so I decided to open an English school. I opened a small English school, then later a slightly larger one, then I ended up with an office where I teach private lessons, which is where I am now.

A a few months after I turned 18, I met my future husband

PQAAAH07DS-nv6BNl7pR5ftkA6EENHMhr8hLxXmY7SSKf89egLbrOn-DEZNesRzIRl8b79uksUkMPLhYWXa9Z2sjGpgAm1T1UGAbW1GNd0XdFlVTkEi8rMLdHXQHThis was at his suprise birthday party that I held, only two months after meeting him and starting to date

Well, then the rest is history! Now I am happily married and planning our cozy little home:)


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