Let’s Make Art!

Since I have had too much free time on my hands, due to the fact that I haven’t been able to paint the doors or anything big like that * coughnobywillletmecough*, I have been playing around with different things.

A couple of days ago I saw around the internet toilet paper roll art and decided that it was so easy that I just had to try!

Well, since I don’t use so much toilet paper ( and I over calculated) I asked a couple of friends to save up rolls for me, and save they did!

When I received the rolls I decided it was time to start! I just stopped by an art strore and picked up a 40×40 cm canvas.
101_2702Canvas and toilet paper rolls to start out with 


I had seen some pictures online so I just started playing around with the “Petals” I had cut to try and get a feel of what I wanted. At first, I thought about this design, but when I had trouble painting it, I decided to go with something similiar, haha.

Once I had the design ready, I hot glue gunned the petals together, just a dab of glue on each petal to stick to one another. Then came spray painting time!

Now, I read online that basically nobody else had trouble spray painting their petals… well, I did. It just wasted an insane amount of spray paint because the paint sprays all around the roll, but not really on the roll itself. Once my spray paint ran out ( and very quickly, I might add) I started using wall paint and a paint brush because that is just what I had around.

The only problem I found with painting the toilet paper rolls is because they suck up all the paint, so when I noticed that I started putting the paint on very quickly and it worked out. Later I had to buy white art paint and touch it up in some places where my big brush couldn’t get the corners. In the end, it turned out great!

A friend of mine heard me commenting about how the rolls suck up all the paint and he said.. ” Why didn’t you put glue on i first to seal it?” uuuh, friend, in answer to question… I just didn’t think about that! Next time I do this I for sure will!

( Just a side note: I would have used primer to help “seal” it.. but I have yet to find primer paint or spray paint here in Londrina!)

A close up of my beautiful work of art! See how pretty it is?:D

101_2834[1]And zooooming out a little bit… being pretty on the shelf!

101_2747Zoooming out a little bit more! So cute!

Later on I have plan to make another one for the bedroom, but sicne we are concentrating on working on the living room right now, I decided to leave this one in here!

Soon I shall post a but more about a new piece of furtniture that we got! It needs a little love and care, but that will be in another post!


Birthday Presents Are The Best!

Yeah, I know- this is the third post about my birthday but hey! SO many things happened on my birthday!!

As a birthday present from my mom and parto from my husband, I got this amazing shelf that I had been drooling over to put over the tv!!

Needless to say, I am ecstatic with how it turned out!

101_2746Now things are beginning to take shape and start looking like home. Slowly, yet surely things will come into place! I guess that’s my home motto- slowly, yet surely! haha

Now, I haven’t taken a picture of the art I made up close ( because I’m not done yet and need to finish soon!) but I love how it is turning out. Since, I don’t like waiting, I went ahead and put it up anyhow!

Something else that I have added to my tv rack is the red tea box that I got as a birthday gift- it looks so cute!

The vase that is beside the couch is a work in progress, I am working into making it into a side table, but more on that later!

Hope you guys are having a great day! See you soon!

Woot! Woot! It’s my birthday!

Well, yesterday was the long awaited for birthday! It was my 21st birthday and let’s just say that I was super happy all day:)

Throughout the day I received three amazing cakes- one of which I didn’t have time to take a picture of ( sorry Ju- we started eating it before I could snap a shop!) . The first one was from my mother who surprised him with her mad cake skills:

101_2738Lactose Free German Chocolate Cake- can it get any better than that?!

101_2767  My sister in law gave me an amazing tea box full of tea! How cute is that?!101_2770  Mexican fiesta with my hubby at night- I LOVE Mexican food!101_2771The third out of three cakes- Beautiful, lactose free ,chocolate and strawberry cake!

101_2776The now 21 year old birthday girl ( around 1 am in the morning!)101_2780Birthday girl and her more than handsome hubby!

I loved my birthday yesterday I am so happy and thankful for all the happy wishes that everyone sent my way- thank you guys so much!!

Day 27: A Letter To Your Readers

Day 27 of the May Challenge– A Letter To Your Readers

Dear Readers,

You’ll never guess what I have been up to! Projects, of course!

The only problem is that they aren’t finished.. but soon they will be!

This weekend was a crazy full weekend. On Saturday we had to work in the morning and afternoon, in the afternoon we had to do some things at home and then we ended up sleeping a little bit. At 7 we had to be at church and we left around 11. Since we are short on money, we have stopped going out places with friends. The only problem is that then we lose touch with our friends. It seems strange, ever since we married I can see the division line that there is between single people/couples and married couples. Now that we have our house and are paying bills it seems like we don’t think the same way as single people. We can’t spend our salay on ourselves like we used to.. but it seems like people treat us strangely too. I really wish we had more married friends because sometimes I get downright lonely! I love all the friends we have, but sometimes I end up feeling like the odd one out.. know what I mean?

Anyhow, on Sunday morning we had a friend drop by something he had borrowed and he had Sunday breakfast with us.. then for lunch we had some of Alexandre’s school friends over to have lunch. They stayed the afternoon then we needed to get ready to go to my niece’s baptism. Now.. about that.. My niece is seven month’s old. When I arrived at the church I started to fill sick, My heart started to wrench, I started feeling nauseated.. I just started feeling badly when I stepped into the church. In the church there were 9 preachers.. and about 10 members. Basically, one preacher for each member. Which eas noticeable when they called everyone up to pray ( basically, whoever didn’t go pray, wasn’t into having a life filled with “blessings”). The preachers would say everything except what the Bible teaches. They said that if we thought we would get a new car andbelieved that we would get a new car, that we would get a new car. The “preacher”- if that’s what we can call him- said that he believed that the church would have 500 members, more money, mirrors on the wall, more ornate objects.. and bla bla bla. When they had the offering call, what they said was basically forcing people to give offerings if not God wouldn’t love them. You guys?!?!!?! What the heck? The “preacher” even said biblically things THAT DON’T EXIST! I don’t know how people can listen to all that? I couldn’t stand being there for another minute because every second in that place was making my stomach churn. The only reason that I went was to show love to my family at my niece’s baptism. I, however, don’t believe in baptising babies because baptism is the next steo after salvation to demonstrate that you are having a life and relastionship with Christ. I don’t believe that babies have this conscience yet. So I don’t believe they should be baptised, but that’s a whole other matter.

Needless to say, that was my weekend. I really didn’t do much, especially decoration wise. Just to not leave you guess pictureless, here is apic I took this weekend of my house.. slowly, yet surely… slowly, yet surely…

101_2732 101_2733

Oh, and guess what?!?!?! Tomorrow is finally my birthday!!!!

Day 26: Something I Read Online

Today is Day 26 of the May Challenge– Something I Read Online.

Browsing the net the other day I came across this link: http://www.curbly.com/users/capreek/posts/14918-how-to-turn-an-old-tire-into-a-stylish-nautical-inspired-ottoman ( which will explain and then lead you to another linnk) . I must say that I am totally excited about this idea and when I have a few coins leftover it will be my next project! At the moment I have 2 projects that I am working on that I need to finish.. but I need the moolah! haha So, slowly yet surely I will get on it!

Hope you guys had an amazing Sunday!

Day 25: Something Someone Told Me

I have a friend, who lives in the same city as I do, but we end up never seeing each other.  I guess for busy schedules that don’t match and different circles of friends.

Well, one time this friend was talking with me and gave me some advice ( advice that only close friends can give you). She told me that I needed to take care if myself beause if I didn’t take of myself, who else would?

Now, this came at a time that I really wasn’t caring for my appearance. I had been lackingin wearing makeup and fixing my hair department. i would put on some makeup and I would partially fix myhair- but I could have been doing much better. That is when I started taking care of myself and using makeup and lipstick all the time and going back to wearing heals 24/7 like I used to as a teenager. People who meet me now say that I am the most vain (appearance-wise) person that they know.. but had they met me 2 or 3 years ago, I am positive that their opinions would differ. Sometimes I would go and teach with messy hair and no makeup without really caring at all. Now I always fix myself up in the morning before going someplace and I don’t ever leave home without makeup. I try to keep myself presentable for my husband, not just wear sloppy looking clothes and pjs.. now, I’m not really going to get into what kind of clothing I wear when my hubby is around, haha We’ll just leave that at that..

Anyhow, I meet so many married people that say that they can’t take care of themselves.. now I don’t do exercise, but I do at least fix my hair and makeup and try to keep my clothes presentavble. Now that we are tight on money I can’t go spending like I did last  year, but thankfully I have just enough clothes to keep me through!

When I started taking care of my appearance my husband ( at the time boyfriend) thought it was an absurd to buy exoensive shampoo and hair creams and makeup.. now he has come to realize that women do really need more products than men and it really does make a difference!!

So, if I could pass on to the girls who read my blog- no matter what phase you are in life- take care of YOURself, never mind what some people say!