May Goals

Well, the month of Apil has come and gone and we are (almost) finally in May. Now, I love May for many reasons.. but the main reason is because it’s my birthday:D

For this month of May I decided to make a simple “To Do List”  for some things I want done this month. At the moment I am really tight on cash so I just want to work with what I got, ya know?

1. Hang up my pictures. I have all of my frames for the den.. I just need to hang them up! the problem is that the mirror and one of my larger frames is at a friend’s house and it might be a while before I am able to get them.

2. Put white lace on my circles in the den. I think they look kind of washed out against the wall, so with some lace my mother has I will fix that quickly

3. Make and hang up my printed curtains. I finally bought the material and now I rely on my mommy to make/hem them. Siiiince I hate sewing, my mother offered to do this:D

4. Paint my other three doors white ( I painted one white- need to post about it!)

Now, these are just 4 simple goals. We have all the paint on hand to paint the other two rooms.. We just need courage and time:)

I have some other goals that I do monthly.. Like, every month I buy wooden clothes hangers and glass pots to store my food in.

SLowly but surely ,things will come into shape!


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