If There Were Ikea in Brazil… Textile

Well, I have recently discovered Ikea and am broken hearted that it doesn’t exist in Brazil…. yet. Here in Brazil everything is SO SUPER expensive and it seems like people don’t like prints here and that everything is so monotone.. Well guess what people… I LOVE colorful prints!! I love matching different prints and working with different colors..

Well, I decided that I would write  a”mini series” about what I love from Ikea… starting with textiles!  Who knows, maybe I will end up finding some material or something similiar here in Brazil and be able to make it, haha. We’ll see.



I love love love all the prints they have going on there. I can imagine any one of these in my house, especially the curtains!!

The red and white curtain panels I would use in my living room.

At the moment I couldn’t find any cushion covers that I would like in my living room, but I would use these in my second and third bedrooms without any problem at all!

mood2I like the look of that white fleece blanket.. I seems so cozy and I would LOVE to snuggle up with it on my couch..

The brown throw is also a good option for snuggling in the winter.

Both sets of coasters would be nice to have.. I like the red colored ones to use in the den, but the silver colored ones have a nicer touch to them. Love!

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