How To Make Your Own Outlet Covers

Well, if there is one thing that I dislike in’s outlets.. I don’t know, some are so old.. others used.. others just blah… Well, I thought of a way to renovate looking at my outlet covers.. I decided to cover them in material! So here’s how to do it..

Fotos Camera 100 Cut your material to closely fit around the outlet cover.

Fotos Camera 105 Find the middle of the material and make a small cut in the middle.
Fotos Camera 107Fotos Camera 111 Make a square/rectangle in the middle of the material to be able to glue around the edges and to the backside.

Fotos Camera 112 Spread glue over all of the front part of the outlet cover. ( I used my finger because it would be easier and wouldn’t leave ridges)

Fotos Camera 114
Flatten out the materialover the outlet cover with glue. It should look something like this..
Fotos Camera 116

Spread glue all around the inside edges of the outlet cover
Fotos Camera 118

Tuck in all the edges and cover with glue

Final step: Cover the whole front part with glue and allow to dry well. End result:

Fotos Camera 122
Fotos Camera 121 A view from the kitchen door.. see how my outlet shines? 🙂

Fotos Camera 123Other view from the kitchen

Fotos Camera 124Yet another view, so pretty:)

Slowly, yet surely, my house is beginning to take shape! There are so many things that I want to do here.. but I need to take babysteps and pace myself.. Since I spent a week in and out of hospitals and needed to rest, we ended up not painting anything this week, maybe next week we will go on to paint the windows, doorways, and the other two bedrooms!


3 comentários sobre “How To Make Your Own Outlet Covers

  1. Amanda disse:

    So cute! You make me jealous! I am ready to move into a bigger place and really start decorating…but alas I have to wait a couple years….

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