We moved!!

After 7 months of waiting for our house to be free for us to move into ( we had problems with the documentation process) we FINALLY moved into our house!!

On Friday Night we went and bought some  paint supplies. We had thought that we might be able to move in without painting, but the walls were way too dirty, so we ended up forking over the moolah to buy paint!


Happy Rebecca walking through the shopping mall with all the paint:D

On Saturday morning we started our move at the bright and early hour of 7 am, a friend of mine came to help us move everything. Among Alexandre, my friend, and I, we moved most of the furniture and things over to the new apartment. It ended up that we only had men to help us around 10:30 am, so I helped move the heavy furniture, haha20130405_131814

All our loot of my father in law’s house.  20130406_070453

Hapy smiles to finally be moving at the early hour of 7 am, haha 20130406_081455Taking things down to the garage to be able to load up the pickup.

It took us three carloads of boxes, 2 of personal items such as clothing and food, and 2 pickup loads to take everything home.

I believe that I forgot to take pics of the “during” mess, but let me tell you.. it was A MESS!!

I do, however, have pics of the after when we were celebrating with some freezing cold wine that as better than ice cream!!


It only took us two days to set everything up, but in the modst of moving we were also painting the living/dining room and one of the three bedrooms. So, in my opinion, we did pretty well:D



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