The Part Where Nobody Believes Me

I have recently learned that Brazilians aren’t much into color. I, however, love color. I love splashes of color and things that make me different. I love red lipstick, I love red heels.. I love red everything, apparently. Well, I also love reading the YoungHouseLove blog and they motivated ro really do some cool things in my house.

In other words, I decided to do my kitchen, living room, and dining room all red. At first I was only going to do the kitchen red, but them I realized that when people would eat in the living/dining room area.. everything on the table would be red and it would kind of clash, so I decided that I would do all three areas red. It is all a work in progress because I still have many other things that I need to do in this room. I need to move slowly so I can have enough money to decorate and still survive, haha.

When I first said that I was going to paint my living room red ( about 2 years ago) my husband ( boyfriend at the time) said that I was crazy and no way was he going to have a red wall in his house.. after two years I ended up conving him that it would look completely awesome and modern… so he bought red paint along with all the other house supplies.

We used Coral paint because I have heard that it is the best paint when painting strong colors ( here in Brazil, at least) and I chose the color Cardinal Red without Shine ( Fosco).


Darling hubby papering the wall


First stripe of red on the wall.

At this point, everyone was doubting that it would look good. They kept saying that it was too strong, it would end up looking cheap, or as we sayin portuguese “brega”. What they didn’t know is that it would turn out completely amazing in the end.


Second hand of paint- here they were beginning to put faith in me:)


Finished look!!

I love the contrast of the red with the white.. this is the perfect tone of red to decorate with because it isn’t so dark and it’s a happy color20130414_173906Hallway view of the dining room and living room ( not yet finished, I only put up the blackout curtain and soon I will put up the red, printed curtain. Later on we are going to do laminated floors)

I wasn’t able to hang things up on the wall since there is a ridiculous condiminium rule that things can only be hung during commercial hours. We hung up just one picture and two of my plate thingies before finally giving up because it was making so much noise. The end result will be something like this:

20130414_171145Minus my father in law’s angry face, haha

In the end it turned out that everyone LOVED my red wall and can’t wait to see all the other things in place to get the finished look. My father in law is now even talking about painting a wall in his house burgondy.. see, I’m a good influence!

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