Sock Bun

So I finally learned how to do a sock bun on my hair! I showed a pic last week of just the front view, now I decided to finally take pics and show the back view!


I just recently discovered I have a freakishly red mark on the back of my neck.. Apparently it’s a birth mark I never knew about!

I decided to do this hairstyle today because it was a rainy day and I REALLY need a hair trim ( set up for Saturday at 9 30 am.. someone please remind me!) and my hair just has been plain boring recently. Which is why I figure a hair trim will help things out:)

Completely changing subjects, Changes are going on at my office that I am LOVING, Soon I will not be working alone anymore. My brother and sister in law are going to start teaching math, portuguese, and science classes here at my office. We have been working on revamping things here.. I just need to finish cleaning the front desk part today, and organize the middle room. When everything is done I will post pics:D

See you guys soon!


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