Good Morning!



Good Morning Everyone! Did you sleep well? I did, haha I just didn’t want to wake up!

Yesterday I woke up with a urinary tract infection- talk about painful! It was a continuation to one that started on Sunday but I thought had gone away. I started taking cystex for the pain again.. but it took forever to start working. ( I took it at 7 am and the pain started lessening at 11 am , so yeah..) Thankfully, I have some awesome friends who gave me antibiotics and soon I will be much better:) The only problem is that antibiotics make me extremely naseous.. so I woke up already naseous this morning and it still hasn’t stopped:(  This makes me wonder if when I get pregnant I will have morning sickness, and if it will much worse than this if I can handle it, lol

On Tuesday night I went to a supermarket and was MORE than excited to see this:



Lactose Free Ice Cream! 

For the first time ever, Lactose free ice cream is available in Londrina! I was reeeaaaaaaaallly happy about this! ( For those of you who live in Londrina I found it at Mercadora Grocery Store on JK Avenue) The taste is spectacular and the texture is pretty good- kind of like a yogurt ice cream with huge chunks of strawberries in it.. It was spectacular!

Anyhow, I guess that it’s for today.. I’m going to go sleep off the nausea, See ya later!


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