Yellow and Orange

A few months ago I bought an amzing dress on clearance at Zara. It’s actually ironic that I chose this dress because the color is not something that I could usually choose and the fact that the underskirt was the new style of only being to the knees- which was something that I said I would never, ever wear! Now, when I saw the dres I immediately fell in love with it, without being able to say why. Perhaps because of the sophistiucated look. It’s more of an every day, or going out for lunch or summer dinner kind of dress. Some people said I could wear it to a wedding, but I highly disagree, I believe it is too casual for Brazilian weddings.

So I introduce to you, The Dress:Downloads-001Orange/Red and Yellow Dress, paired up with thich, red heels, and hair in a bun.

It took me a while to wear this dress because I needed to get it hemmed and I couldn’t find a seamstress. Finally, i was able to take it to a seamstress and get it hemmed up for cheap! The first day I wore it was on Sunday to have lunch out with my hubby, it was a warm day out so it was perfect for wearing the new dress!

I finally learned how to make a hair bun with a sock.. the trick for my ahir was doing it with WET hair instead of straightened hair ( the ends would all stick out) I also learned that I need to buy hair bands and bobby pins for my home, lol. I have some at my office, but none for home! I found it strange to wear my hair out of my face, for those of you who know me..  you know that I NEVER wear my hair up! I did, however, love the elegant look that it gave!

My jewerly is the same as always. I never switch it up because I have some serious allergies. I can’t wear anything gold or silver plated because it gives me an instant allergic reaction. I can only wear full silver or gold pieces, and since I’m poor I only have the silver necklace I bought to wear on my wedding day ( which I haven’t taken off since my wedding day), A silver ring that my grandfater gave me when I was 14 ( I have never taken it off my finger ), my gold wedding band , a gold plated wedding band accessory which is temporary until I can buy the real thing ( the wedding band accessory started giving me allergies when the gold started coming off, so sometimes I canbt wear it!!), and a pair of silver earrings that I bought on my honeymoon since I lost my other pair of silver earrings on my wedding day.

The only thing I wish about this dress is that I could pair it up with a short sweater- but I don’t have a short sweater and don’t intend to buy one just yet! hahaha




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