Please, Wash Your Hair!

Ok, so if there’s one thing that REALLY irks me.. is when people don’t wash their hair and they turn up for work or for an event looking like this:

oily-hairCome on you guys, for goodness’ sake! Do you think that just because you pulled it back into a ponytail NO ONE is going to notice how freakishly dirty your hair is? I mean, come on. Stop being lazy and at least WASH your hair. I mean, how lazy can you possibly be?

If you REALLY had no time to wash your hair.. pull it back into a cute bun and at least psray dry shampoo on your roots. If you are too poor to buy dry shampoo just sprinkle a little bit of this:baby powderYes, baby powder.. it works- TEMPORARILY! This is for EMERGENCY situations ( like, you spent all night at the hospital and need to work the next day) when you have nothing else at hand and need to go someplace that morning. Just this, please. Don’t make it a habit because you’re lazy. You have no idea how many woman I head saying their hair is dirty because they just weren’t up to washing it. Honestly? That’s just gross.

So please, do us all a favor and heave nice, clean, presentable hair!

Disclaimer: This is to no one in particular, just some musings I had this week. So don’t get defensive!



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