High Five for Friday

What were this week’s highlights??

Today at four pm we will be picking up the house documentation!! Then on Monday we take it to the bank, then it takes 15 more days for the owner to leave the house and thennnn ta ta ta ta tum!!! It’s all ours!!! Yay!!!!

School classes have slowly been creeping back to normal, haha

Someone crashed into my husband’s car while he was in the supermarket.. but thankfully he wasn’t in it, so he didn’t get hurt. The bad part is that since we didn’t have insurance and it was a hit and run, so we have to pay for it:/ Thankfully God is taking care of how we are going to pay for it.. so I’m not going to worry!

Tonight is a Saint Patrick’s Day party at school – everything green! I just didn’t have time to make green decorations this year:/

Tomorrow’s Saturday!


haha, as you can tell , I haven’t been up to much.. and I still haven’t rememdered to take pictures- I will try my best this week though!




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