Brazilian Hairstylists

This morning I was watching Kate from The Small Things Blog’s video about tipping and hairstylists and I began to think: Woah, I guess I never realized how different American hairstylists are to Brazilian Hairstylists.


First of all, here in Brazil you never tip a hairstylist.. they don’t even have a jar for tipping or anything, it’s just automatically thought that since you paid for the haircut.. no need for tipping. In the US, I realize, that it is completely different. If you don’t tip it is thought that you didn’t like the service.


Here in Brazil, manicures are done in a whole different way and for a lot cheaper. If your nails are torn or worn, it is a sign that you really don’t care what you look like, like you are a lazy person. At all times your nails must be done, if not polished, then at least filed and cuticles removed. Never, ever walk around with chipped polish- you’ll get the side eye- I promise.


Hairstylists here generally own their own salon. It’s not common for you to go a salon and there be many hairstylists with booth rentals. Usually the owner is the stylist and she ( or he) hires staff to wash and dry hair, clean up after haircuts, do manicures/pedicures. The hairstylist really only works with cutting and coloring.

I think that all women love going to their hairstylist to spend the day. In my opinion, it is the most relaxing thing a person can do. Bored? Go to the hairdresser. Stressed? Go to the hairdresser. confused? Go to the hairdresser! Nothing can go wrong when you go to the hairdresser, it is a sacred moment:)



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