Hair Trends for 2013

So this new year of 2013 has brought in a lot of new trends, I was taking a look at the 2013 hair trends and decided to share them with you guys. I like the fact that everything now is going to be easy peasy, low fuss, low maintenance.

Hair Trend #1: Straight Hair


Straight, straight hair. Think 90’s styles. Jennifer Aniston has this look down pat ever since playing Rachel on Friends. I love how this is her signature hairstyle. It really does suit her.  For this year it won’t be full bodied straight hair, but slick straight hair. Be sure to use oils or spray shines to get the extra healthy look and hydrate your hair!

Hair Trend #2: Low Pony Tail

hair1Contrary to other years when the high pony was in full force, this year the low pony steals the show. Basically, it’s just a pony tail at the nape of the neck  with some kind of accessory, like a ribbon, colored elastic, braid, or hair curled around the tail.

Hair Trend 3: Low Bun

hair2The same style as the low pony, but in a bun. The buns can be in various forms, such as loosely pulled together or pulled tautly, but again, all at the nape of the neck. You can use an acessory in the bun, good ideas are pins, ribbons, or low profile nets.

Hair Trend #4 : Middle Parts

hair3Middle parts are also a trend that is coming back. I believe it gives a more prounced style, it calls more attention to face features. I’m not sure that I would have the courage to wear the middle part without bangs, I must try some time to see!

Hair Trend #5: Wet Looks

hair4This new trend is not for an every look ( in my opinion) It’s more of a night out or more formal occasion look. The wet look is coming from 2012, but it’s not quite as drenched as last year. It’s more of a wet roots thing going on. According to stylists the wet look can be achieved by putting hair gel at the roots and slicking it back with a comb and held in place with hair spray.  Jennifer Lawrence braved this look at the British Academy Film Awards

Hair Trend #6: Beach Waves

hair5Loose going waves. Taylow Swift is known for this look, and in my opinion it suits her perfectly.  Kate Hudson had the Beach/Boho them,e which I love.

Hair Trend#7: Hair Accessories

hair6I love love love all the new hair accessories that 2013 brought in! Scarves, Headbands, Ribbons, Bows, everything is so perfect! What I love the most is the ribbon tied around the head like a headband, I need to find one of these to buy for me! So pretty!

Hair Trend #8: Braids

hair7Braids were incorporated into a number of hairstyles on the runway so far. Loose hair with a braid bringing it together. Braids for loose ponies at the nape of the neck, braids as headbands.. Braids everywhere!

Hair Style #9: Bangshair8Wispy bangs or full bangs to the side are in for 2013. I personally favor the full bangs to the side.. but would be willing to risk wispy bangs in the front!

So that about sums up the new 2013 Hair Trends. Which are your favorites??



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