High Five for Friday

All right , so let’s get outta the down mode and work on being a happier person, lol. What are the highlights of this week??

1. Classes have started back. slowly, yet surely, I am getting back into schedule.

2. I made an awesome Brazilian “lanche” for my hubby last night ( and forgot to take pictures!!)

3. i reserved my pug!!!! My puggy is the mother’s pug’s tummy and will be born in two and a half months:D so excited!!!! My frst preference is a clack, male puggy. I don’t know why, but someone told me that males are more cuddly.. and I need a cuddly puppy!

4. I have the most awesomest hubby in the world who loves me very much!

5. Only seven more days until our house documentation gets back from the cartorio.. then two more days for the bank to pay the owner.. then 15 days for the owner to leave her house.. Yay!!!! Then its OURS!!!!!!!

(  No photos today because I was kinda moody this week and didn’t take photos of anything!! )


2 comentários sobre “High Five for Friday

    • brazilmeetsamerica disse:

      Yeah.. I’ve been kinda down the past two weeks, so I haven’t been up to much.. but I really have no reason to complain about anything because there is always someone in a situation much much worse than mine! So slowly but surely I must think about all the GOOD things in life and appreciate them!

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